Fluff, Thriller

True Blue – David Baldacci – 7/10

I’m a huge fan of Baldacci’s, but this is not his best. Perfectly readable, entertaining plot, well-developed characters – it’s definitely one of the better ones. It’s just missing that something special that made me love Split Second.

In True Blue, Baldacci has moved away from his familiar FBI/CIA/NSA/acronym material to tackle Washington, its politics, law firms and police force. The change of setting is a refreshing one, and it gives him the chance to construct some new characters. The two lead females are the fascinating ones in this (unusually for Baldacci, normally the heroines are tall, willowy, multilingual sharp-shooting beauties with Olympic medals… or something similarly exaggerated), and the relationship between the two sisters is well-crafted. I’m less convinced by most (well, all) of the men, and certainly by the half-hearted attempts at romance.

To say anything at all about the plot would be to spoil it because it is best at its most unexpected, but while the story trundles along pleasantly, it’s not terribly gripping and the grand denouement is very easy to see coming.

Entertaining enough for a long trip or for a real Baldacci fan.


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