Fluff, Thriller

The Covenant of Genesis – Andy McDermott – 2/10

Ah, another thriller involving 14 locations (including the south-west Pacific, New York, Antarctica, Western Australia, Cuba…). Nina and her fiancé Eddie are researching something or other when they get attacked by pirates… and really to disclose any more would ruin the plot. But there’s an ex-wife at Guantanamo Bay, dons at Cambridge, people digging up Western Australia and Antarctica in pursuit of something we’re not quite sure about for quite a long time…

Perhaps the book is best summed up through a conversation I had with H2B:

Me: What I found really implausible about that book was the ending. How can he … *omitted so as not to spoil plot*.

Him: *hearty Scottish chuckle* So you had no problem with the *****, the ancient religions coming up with a *****, this crazy archaeologist surviving *****, ***** and *****, never mind the discovery of *****, the fact that the American President then *****, that they escaped from the ****** and then that ***** turns out to be ******, just the bit with the waterfall is unrealistic?

Me: Hmmm. True.


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