Modern Masters

On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan – 8/10

Maybe not the book to read the week you get married. This tale of a wedding night that goes disastrously wrong, complete with the history of the relationship via flashbacks and memories, was one of those books that you read and appreciate the skilful writing, the clever use of language, the rendering of an awkward situation that we all know (fear of in-law perception), but that at the end of the read you put down and don’t think about again.

I recognised myself in the nervous bride, determined to have life her way and yet realising that that is never 100% possible; recognised H2B in the gentle groom afraid to mark his beloved fragile girl with any kind of hasty movement or inadvertently hurtful remark – but surely these are universal characteristics and there is the skill – making every reader identify just a little bit with the characters.

However, as I said above, this was one of those “pocket reads” – good for passing the time sitting on a train (which, in reflection, I should have done more, rather than doing the East London-Oxford 1 ¾ hr drive 8 times in 6 days…) but it didn’t really stay happily in my mind – I felt no enduring loyalty towards it.

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