Thoughts and other Miscellany

Wedding update

Firstly, the wedding took place and it was
beautiful and this is now being written from an apartment in the Alps where we are spending our (somewhat rainy!) honeymoon.

I didn’t come close to my original target –
I only read 11 of the 40 titles. In
fact, only 10 of those were on the original list because I added Agnes Grey after enjoying The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.


That’s eleven more than I would have read
had I not set myself that goal. Mr RFBT (previously H2B) thought I’d give up after 5,
so I consider myself to have achieved the moral victory.

I am, however, stuck in Dickens. I cannot
bring myself to pick up A Tale of Two
having battled with the first 50 pages of The Pickwick Papers. I loathe abandoning things, but there is so much Dickens on the list! I can’t
decide whether to skip ahead or not. I guess now that the deadline is over, I
can enjoy more modern literature and ignore Charlie for a bit.


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