Fluff, Thriller

The Sky is Falling – Sidney Sheldon – 5/10

Sky is Falling Summary: Dana Evans, newscaster extraordinaire with the perfect boyfriend and an adoptee from Kosovo, stumbles onto a conspiracy to kill off a family of impeccably behaved philanthropists. Can she figure it out before the bad guys get her?

Picked up as part of a huge box lot for £60. One of the more amusing revelations from the box!

This contains so many stereotypes that it’s highly entertaining. There is a “royal family” of do-gooders who are indubitably wonderful, but actually one of them had a dark secret. Our heroine is beautiful, talented, generous. Her boyfriend doesn’t get much of a description, but his ex (who is, of course, a model) is still after him. She manages to fly all over the world at a moment’s notice chasing down leads and enlists help at the Pentagon…

Trashy it may be, but I thundered through this in about 4 Tube trips and loved it. As long as you’re accepting of the inevitable plot devices (quick trip to a nuclear plant in Russia, anyone?) and can ignore the are-they-aren’t-they bad guys issue, this has a snappy pace, plenty of twists and generally everything that you ask of something to read before 9 a.m.!



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