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Douglas Preston – The Codex – 6/10

Codex Summary: Mayan jungle adventure: three brothers must search the world for their father’s tomb, in which they will find their inheritance of his art collection. They’re not the only ones looking, either.

This little thriller depended hugely on the bizarre and wonderful characters it contained. The three brothers were particularly different: Philip – sartorially obsessed, sporting a briar pipe, and bristly and indignant when questioned; Vernon, the indecisive hippy; and Tom, the simple, stubborn, unflawed “good egg” and clever hero. There’s an evil private investigator (particularly evil) but he’s very clever. An insane jungle native becomes the focus of the last third of the novel and he is a brilliant creation and remarkably plausible.

As usual for a novel of this type, there are frequent and numerous brushes with death, which I tend to skim over these days. I found this novel to be much more character driven than most of the novels of this type that I read in 2010 (e.g. Hunt For Atlantis, The Kremlin Device, The Sky is Falling, A Faithful Spy and The Charlemagne Pursuit)

The Codex was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy this sort of book.


2 thoughts on “Douglas Preston – The Codex – 6/10”

  1. Could be a good strategy – just try to pick the better quality end of the spectrum because some of the writing can be tragically awful (not this book fortunately) and you wouldn’t want that to leak across!

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