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New Arrivals – Notting Hill Book Exchange

I haven’t been following Simon at Stuck in a Book for very long (although I have heard him mentioned around the place), but he wrote a post recently about a bookshop in Notting Hill where the books were absurdly cheap and where they also accepted books for credit against purchases.

So off I toddled with my rucksack “full” (I thought it was full) of books I couldn’t get rid of on Bookmooch (I’d had them in my inventory for upwards of 4 months with no requests and they weren’t on anyone’s wishlists) and this is what happened:

New arrivals 14-01-10














That’s 22 books there. And they’re not all crime/thriller trash either (and even better, I got them all, less the Ludlum hardback, into my rucksack)!

They’ve been subtly distributed around the bookshelf so that Mr. RFBT doesn’t realise quite how many I bought. In my defence, they’re good books, many have been on my wishlist for a while, and the total cost me £10 (that’s net of £1 credit I got for taking in 9 second-hand books, which I thought was a bit meagre, but hey).

The bookshop had the three absolute essentials for any second hand bookshop: staff who completely ignore the shoppers while they browse; a section for “mixed fiction” (see above) and a section for “proper fiction” (they had huge racks of Picador and Penguin fiction by publisher, for serious collectors); and a rickety/under-maintained staircase to the basement in which these treasures were housed. To be honest, the staff pretty much ignored the customer at the till too, but for that price I don’t need customer service.

I haven’t made plans to read any of them in the right-now-immediate future, but I am very much looking forward to the three Joanne Harris books, as I’ve only read Chocolat before.

A list to compensate for my poor lighting/book-photographing setup in combination with my iPhone:

Peter Carey – The Tax Inspector

Nicci French – The Memory Game; Killing Me Softly

John Grisham – The Innocent Man (according to LibraryThing I own this already. Oops.)

Joanne Harris – Five Quarters of the Orange; Gentlemen & Players; The Lollipop Shoes (never heard of the last one!)

Tami Hoag – A Thin Dark Line

Pam Jenoff – Diplomat’s Wife

Jesse Kellerman – Trouble

Penelope Lively – Moon Tiger

Robert Ludlum – The Bancroft Strategy

Val McDermid – The Mermaids Singing

Iris Murdoch – The Sea, The Sea

Orhan Pamuk – My Name is Red

Ann Patchett – Bel Canto

Chris Ryan – Greed; Land of Fire

Lisa Scottoline – Daddy’s Girl

Alice Sebold – The Almost Moon

William Thackeray – Vanity Fair (seen the movie, wanted the book)

Edith Wharton – The Age of Innocence (have seen this reviewed everywhere recently)


2 thoughts on “New Arrivals – Notting Hill Book Exchange”

  1. I must say that is a great haul!!
    Out of that I have 5 quarters of the orange by Joanne Harris and My Name is Read by Orhan Pamuk on my shelf. I have read Bel Canto. I look forward to what you think about The Sea, The Sea, Vanity Fair, Moon tiger and The Age of Innocence.

  2. Bibliojunkie, what did you think of Bel Canto?
    I am very excited about my haul, not least because I’m definitely taking my father back to the shop in 3 weeks, and taking a bigger bag with me too!

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