The Navigator – Clive Cussler – 7/10

Navigator Summary: Kurt Austin has just signed up to lasso icebergs when he has to rescue a hijacked ship. He ends up protecting a feisty Italian antiquities expert while they try to figure out if it's possible that the Phoenicians reached America.

Ah, nothing like a good adventure chasing down ancient treasure and bad guys at the same time. 

This was my first Clive Cussler and it will not be my last. While all the terrible (but funny) features of this kind of book were liberally sprinkled around – blink-of-an-eye-halfway-round-the-world trips, innumerable escapes from bad guys, really grisly end for the bad guys, hero required to have enormous range of skills (this one is a diving expert, but also rides horses) – it did what it said on the tin. Great escapist literature with a good range of characters and locations.

Faults that I did not expect in a writer of Cussler's popularity: a lack of bad guys disguised as good ones. We knew pretty much from the start who was behind the violence. Also ALL the characters were physically amazing. Even the librarians. What's with that? There were also at least two proof-reading errors that I picked up on: a mention of the Cussler car museum (seriously? that's not an error?) and a character called Paul says "Paul and I…" where clearly either his wife should have been speaking or he should have been speaking about his wife. There was also a switch at one point where a character had been referred to for 200 pages as Paul, and suddenly he was being referred to by his surname. These might be symptoms of a book which has two authors?

553 pages of fun.



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