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Sleeping Naked Is Green – Vanessa Farquharson – 10/10

SNIG Summary: Vanessa, an Arts & Life reporter for the National Post in Toronto, undertakes one of those "every day for a year" challenges in which she makes a "green" change to her life. These range from the simple (switching to all-natural lip balm) to the extreme (unplugging her fridge).

I was sold on this the minute I read the word "Farch" – "the season that includes February and March, when it's not really winter any more but it's definitely not spring". Farquharson made me laugh so often, and in a non-fiction, blog-to-book exercise that's really important. I felt a strong connection to her (not only because we both have a passion for organisation and highlighters) but because she let us into her life without oversharing.

The book didn't feature all of the 365 days, a very wise editorial choice (there's not very much to say about "order photos in bulk" as a resolution), but probably about 150 of them over the year. She includes some very funny stories: her horror at discovering that the one and only rental car available was an SUV; the poignancy of someone becoming "vegan by default" due to a general dislike of meat and eggs; the true glory of showering in the dark.

Some of the green changes she makes are so blindingly obvious I'm surprised they needed to be made (why was she using an air purifier before?), but kudos to someone who underwent a serious lifestyle change, was honest about it, and has inspired others to do so.

I've made a selection of changes (small ones!) from the book which I will try to use myself, and I've noted down a few of the blogs she frequented. So I've managed to take away from this book in an educational as well as an entertainment way.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Naked Is Green – Vanessa Farquharson – 10/10”

  1. Claire, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I hope you manage to find a copy of it – I’ve just posted mine to Toronto so I guess it’s in the right country at least! Good luck.

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