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Bloggiesta Time! A General To-Do List

Blogiesta This is first time I'm taking part in a Bloggiesta, hosted by Natasha at Mawbooks and supervised by mascot Pedro (Plan, Edit, Develop, Review, Organise), but I hope that it's going to contribute some order and inspiration – those aren't mutually exclusive, are they? – to my little bloglet.

Aims for the Bloggiesta time frame (Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd) are (links are from previous bloggestias or just tips about blogging dredged up around the interwebs):



  • Write any outstanding reviews. Including The Unnamed and Oliver Twist, both of which have been waiting for about 6 months.
  • Read and review the 2 outstanding publisher-sent books, and make sure I send the reviews to the publishers.
  • Write some rainy-day posts and save them. Brainstorm some new blogging ideas.
  • Make sure that my LibraryThing library and blog reviews match up.
  • Check my LibraryThing categorisations are accurate
  • Update LibraryThing "eliminations from the TBR pile" ticker and posts
  • Compile a “next-to-read” TBR list.
  • Compile some reading lists – Booker and Orange prize lists, Completist Reading, etc
  • Figure out how to get some subpages going to make those reading mission lists show up nicely
  • Clean up my categories, archives and books read in 2011 list.
  • Get some tags going for an “out of 10” rating so that I can run a filter for the top scoring/poorest scoring books; possibly for other tags too. Tips here
  • Create a text file (or Google Doc) of cheat sheets (html codes, post url’s, etc)
  • Improve my blog template, clean up sidebars, add a favicon (whatever that is), install some plugins.
  • Think about signing up for some challenges/read-alongs/memes
  • Sign up for the Shelf Awareness newsletter, get some advice on getting ARCs, including from respected bloggers (see below).
  • Think about GoodReads again.
  • Look at Book Blogs Ning, follow up on the tips there, and join in the community!
  • Add or edit my about me page, review policy, disclosure policy, privacy policy, create landing pages (for example – an about me for Twitter readers page) etc
  • Get my Twitter and blog profiles consistent in terms of color scheme, images, etc.
  • Go get a gravatar (whatever that is!)
  • Attach a blogroll and figure out how to import my GoogleReader feeds into it.
  • Clean out my GoogleReader feeds (especially comments feeds subscriptions) – tips here
  • Make business cards to go in Bookmooch books, showing the URL.
  • Back up my blog (how???? Here's how, apparently)
  • Update my Review policy page – considering these tips
  • Come up with an elevator pitch
  • Set up Google Alerts?
  • Make sure I have properly copyrighted my blog and know what to do if somebody reposts my material.
  • Come up with a posting schedule to include Sunday Salon, maybe Booking Through Thursday or other memes, and regular review slots.
  • Improve the visibility of my RSS feed
  • Scout around Twitter and the other Bloggiesta participants to see what’s going on and if there are other improvements I could be making.
  • Be active on Twitter during the Bloggiesta!
  • Analyse and re-evaluate the blog
  • Get the blog listed at blog directories
  • Find ways to get better at inviting comments – tips here
  • Read some articles about blogging and draw some inspiration from those.
  • Stalk some blogs I admire (dovegreyreader, Kimbofo at Reading Matters, Savidge Reads, Book Snob, Paperback Reader, Maw Books, Literary Housewife, Ivy League Insecurities) and see what nifty features they have that I want.
  • Check out the tips at Book Blather and Problogger – subscribe to Problogger?
  • Check out The Bloggie Cult and the suggestions there
  • Check out the suggestions at the Blog Improvement Project, particularly their mini-challenge from the last Bloggiesta

Wow that's a lot. Aim high!


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