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Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

Fuelled by literally litres of tea (and I am one of those people who can't stand incorrect use of the word literally, so I actually mean that…), this is what I have achieved during Bloggiesta:

  • Write any outstanding reviews done, have reviewed Plague Ship
  • Make sure that my LibraryThing library and blog reviews match updone as at Friday night
  • Check my LibraryThing categorisations are accurate done as at Saturday midday
  • Update LibraryThing "eliminations from the TBR pile" ticker and postsdone as at Friday night
  • Create a text file (or Google Doc) of cheat sheets (html codes, post url’s, etc) done although it’s not very big
  • Attach a blogroll and figure out how to import my GoogleReader feeds into it. done, remarkably easily!!
  • Clean out my GoogleReader feeds (especially comments feeds subscriptions) – tips here done, although not much to clean out.
  • Update my Review policy page – considering these tips done
  • Set up Google Alerts? done
  • Make sure I have properly copyrighted my blog and know what to do if somebody reposts my material. not so bothered with this, but at least I have the link for advice now.
  • Scout around Twitter and the other Bloggiesta participants to see what’s going on and if there are other improvements I could be making. done, resulting in extension of this list (see below)
  • Sign up for the Shelf Awareness newsletter, get some advice on getting ARCs, including from respected bloggers (see below). decided not to sign up for Shelf Awareness, tried to sign up for NetGalley but to no avail. Hmmm. Will have to be patient and do this the old fashioned way.
  • Go get a gravatar (whatever that is!) done!!
  • Be active on Twitter during the Bloggiesta! done, I thought, reasonably well
  • Compile a “next-to-read” TBR list. Done in LibraryThing and widget installed
  • Add or edit my about me page, review policy, disclosure policy, privacy policy, create landing pages (for example – an about me for Twitter readers page) etc done – checked “about me”, updated review policy, don’t need the rest (just yet!)
  • Improve the visibility of my RSS feeddone
  • Get the blog listed at blog directoriesdone
  • Think about GoodReads againpartly done – will only be listing books read but the Twitter update function is a great one. Have entered current read and previous two, but there are 70-odd more to be entered.
  • Improve my blog template, clean up sidebars, add a favicon (whatever that is), install some plugins. Added a few features to template and sidebars. Got favicon to match Twitter and blog images. Could not find a single useful plug-in for Typepad except Feedburner so ignored that.
  • Come up with a posting schedule to include Sunday Salon, maybe Booking Through Thursday or other memes, and regular review slots.done, saved in Google Docs
  • Analyse and re-evaluate the blog – Ruth’s tips heredone, now have to deal with ramifications of report!
  • Write some rainy-day posts and save themBrainstorm some new blogging ideaswell I have made a list of “I don’t have a book to blog about, what meme/opinion/list/other thing can I blog about?” possibilities in Google Docs, which is quickly becoming my new best friend. I have a feeling this to-do list will end up there as well!
  • Get my Twitter and blog profiles consistent in terms of color scheme, images, etc. – done – same image and similar colour backgrounds
  • Come up with a posting schedule to include Sunday Salon, maybe Booking Through Thursday or other memes, and regular review slotsdone in Google Docs#

This is what I did not achieve and will be working on quietly behind the scenes:

  • Review The Unnamed and Oliver Twist, both of which have been waiting for about 6 months.
  • Read and review the 2 outstanding publisher-sent books, and make sure I send the reviews to the publishers.
  • Write some rainy-day posts and save themBrainstorm some new blogging ideas.
  • Compile some reading lists – Booker and Orange prize lists, Completist Reading, etc
  • Figure out how to get some subpages going to make those reading mission lists show up nicely
  • Clean up my categories, archives and books read in 2011 list.
  • Get some tags going for an “out of 10” rating so that I can run a filter for the top scoring/poorest scoring books; possibly for other tags too. Tips here
  • Think about signing up for some challenges/read-alongs/memes
  • Look at Book Blogs Ning, follow up on the tips there, and join in the community!
  • Make business cards to go in Bookmooch books, showing the URL.
  • Back up my blog (how???? Here's how, apparently)
  • Come up with an elevator pitch
  • Find ways to get better at inviting comments – tips here
  • Read some articles about blogging and draw some inspiration from those.
  • Stalk some blogs I admire (dovegreyreader, Kimbofo at Reading Matters, Savidge Reads, Book Snob, Paperback Reader, Maw Books, Literary Housewife, Ivy League Insecurities) and see what nifty features they have that I want.
  • Check out the tips at Book Blather and Problogger - subscribe to Problogger?
  • Check out The Bloggie Cult and the suggestions there
  • Check out the suggestions at the Blog Improvement Project, particularly their mini-challenge from the last Bloggiesta

So I guess that's about half and half. Anyway I had a fabulous time participating in Bloggiesta and while I almost definitely won't be partaking in 6 months' time due to accountancy exams and a whole succession of birthdays to be celebrated, I'll keep chugging away at this list for the next little while.

Many many thanks to all the participants and to Natasta of Maw Books for hosting!


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