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New Arrivals (again)

Yes, it's only been a week since my last new arrivals post. But between work going crazy (see Sunday Salon post) and buying the books below and Bloggiesta, not much actual reading has been going on at Maison RFBT.

So on Friday there was a power cut at my client (someone apparently went through the cable outside in the street, because the whole block lost power) so there wasn't very much to do but go home/into the office. I was already so behind on my work thanks to our new piece of software that I thought I'd treat myself to a few hours' shopping before I went home.

So first I found a little Oxfam shop in Holborn/Covent Garden which yielded the following:

IMG_0374 Danny Scheinmann – Random Acts of Heroic Love

Lynne Reid Banks – The L-Shaped Room

Sally Beauman – Rebecca's Tale

Anita Brookner – Visitors

E. F. Benson – Lucia Rising

The top two I have heard good things of, Rebecca's Tale was purchased in a "I haven't read Rebecca yet but I'm going to" moment, anyone aspiring to be well-read needs more Anita Brookner, and the title "Lucia Rising" made me thing of my baby sister, so I had to have that.

Then I went to Notting Hill Book Exchange (where I had done lots of damage the previous week) and bought:


IMG_0370Bill Bryson – A Walk in the Woods – after reading Notes from a Small Country I have wanted to read more Bryson

Sebastian Faulks – Charlotte Gray – just because

Tim Winton – Breath – this has been stirring strong feelings in my family and I thought I should see for myself

Ann-Marie MacDonald – The Way the Crow Flies – I've had this on my wishlist for ages, can't remember from which recommendation…



IMG_0372 John Grisham – The Street Lawyer – I have read this many times already and loved it every time. Needed a copy of my own

Anita Shreve – Eden Close – an Anita Shreve I don't own? Say it ain't so!

Andrew Taylor – The American Boy – I nearly bought this last time, have seen good reviews somewhere.

Joanne Harris – Coastliners – I bought several of hers last time and would have picked this up if I'd noticed it.




Salley Vickers – Miss Garnet's Angel – I read this about 6 years ago and enjoyed it.

Maggie O'Farrell – The Distance Between Us and

Stieg Larsson – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

– because my father is going to read my best reads from last year and therefore obviously needs copies of them.



IMG_0373 Sue Grafton – K is for Killer – her alphabet series is my guilty pleasure

Kingsley Amis – The Old Devils – see Brookner comment

Tami Hoag – Lucky's Lady  and R. J. Ellory – The Anniversary Man – they looked good…

Kate Atkinson – Behind the Scenes at the Museum – I LOVED When Will There Be Good News?

Kate Grenville – The Secret River – initially I picked this up because I got the Kates Atkinson and Grenville confused, but it is set in 19th century England and New South Wales, so that had to come with me.




Michael Connelly – The Closers

Chris Ryan – The Increment

Sidney Sheldon – If Tomorrow Comes:

three more guilty pleasures.




And if that weren't enough, the below have arrived courtesy of the postman recently:

IMG_0369 John Grisham – The Client – one of the few Grishams I haven't read. In my eagerness I now have two copies of it! (BookMooch)

Wendy Burden – Dead End Gene Pool – I have seen this reviewed EVERYWHERE and wanted to get my mitts on a copy. (BookMooch)

Tami Hoag – Secrets to the Grave – I won this from the publisher on Facebook! Very exciting.




IMG_0378 In slightly battered condition are 4 old favourites: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Windy Willows, Anne of Avonlea and A Little Princess, all of which I want to read again, and the spineless book is Louisa May Alcott's "Jo's Boys" – I've read Little Women and Little Men and it's high time I read some more.





That is, believe it or not, the end of the photos. Oh, no, wait, this is what they all looked like together (not including the last 5, which arrived Saturday morning):











Yay for new books!


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