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Sunday Salon – Reading time has been stolen

This blog is being posted very late on Sunday because I have spent the whole day baking brownies and cakes with my cousin and friends. We are now all in sugar dazes. But it was very much worth it and I now have two cake tins full of baked goods.

I lost my reading mojo a little bit this week, mostly because I was exhausted and took the quick train into work on which there is barely space to breathe never mind get a book out (any Londoners out there who are fans of the Central line?) rather than the quieter line where I always get a seat because that takes much longer to get in to work and thus I was getting more sleep. Work is horrendous at the moment due to interpersonal issues but I'm hoping that a change of venue for the next few weeks might sort out my motivation, both for my job and my reading.

I did manage to read Shattered Icon, by Bill Napier, whose positive review is mostly due to being partly set in the UK and especially Oxford, one of my favourite cites, and Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger, which was beautiful and fully deserving of its Booker Prize (which I can only say because I haven't read any of the other submissions that year!)

I've got two new additions this week, both of which I'm quite excited about – they'll be in tomorrow's post!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Reading time has been stolen”

  1. I wish I had half your reading mojo! I am happiest when reading a lot, but find it so difficult to find the time. Was just chatting with my Mom about how I need to learn to read faster. I am still in school mode I guess where I read slowly and carefully as if there might be a final exam!

  2. I have the opposite problem – I read far, far too quickly, a habit born of reading 500 page thrillers, and I struggle to slow down to savour the meatier texts that I’ve started to read.
    I can definitely understand how you would struggle to find the time – I do the vast majority of my reading sitting on the Tube (underground train) heading into the city, so the commute is key to my reading time! In a few years your girls will be old enough for group reading and then you’ll have plenty of time.

  3. I’m going to off to work from Reading to Paddington next Monday to start my new job! My friends said I’ll be able to read a lot more in the train, but I know better as I read with horror that the trains are packed and there are barely space to stand, let alone read!
    I know about Central Line.. my sympathy for you (and me soon!)
    I wanted to read Moon Tiger too!

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