Thoughts and other Miscellany

I’m back!

Greetings all, I'm almost back from the depths of Kent and therefore back to blogging! Tomorrow I will feature my review of Aidan Donnelley Rowley's Life After Yes. In short, buy it. More details to come.

I have more than 1000 items in my Google Reader which is absolutely terrifying and I can't decide between just hitting "mark all as read" and procrastinating real life/work by sifting through them. Advice? Links of cool stuff that has happened that I should know about? (Sorry, "about which I should know"?)

And yes, in case you didn't believe me, I have been working 5 miles from the M25 (the ring road that goes around London), at a very large, very important company. Where they have dial-up internet. Not broadband, not wireless – dial-up. I have been sitting in my car with my mobile broadband gizmo (it's the only place it gets signal, the building clearly has some kind of anti-internet insulation) to pick up my work email. And there is/was NO STARBUCKS!!! From Monday I will be back in the city centre, within a 10 minute walk of 4 different Tube stations (and at least 4 different Starbucks outlets). Happy days are here again 🙂

I thought that during my little break I would get into audiobooks but:

1. Some East End bathplugs (insert preferred expletive here, "bathplug" must be Australian slang) broke into my car and stole the little gadget which enables me to play music/audiobooks from my iPhone through my radio. And the owner's manuals. Seriously, who steals owner's manuals?

2. I tried to listen to one (Helen Dunmore's Counting the Stars) at the gym and found the whole experience of reading without being able to take notes far too exhausting. I really struggled to grasp context as well and basically to remember anything at all about the book.

Did I try the wrong audiobook with which to start?

Next to be read is the edition of Luis Sepulveda's The Shadow of What We Were which Europa Editions very kindly sent me back in early January and which I have failed to read and review. Am now on page 77 but may have to re-read in order to be able to write coherently (do I ever write coherently?) about it.

Thank you for your kind patience, readers (my Google Analytics and Typepad stats tell me that some of you have still been coming to visit), and I hope to resume a reasonable service very soon!


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