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New developments

Bit of a rambly mid-week post from me.

I joined NetGalley yesterday and requested a few copies of things, intrigued to see how that goes.

Seamstress My new book (helpfully chosen for me by my cousin from the pile on my desk, the rest of which she derided as "that looks the same as that, and that, and that", mocking my ability to collect CIA/SAS-style thrillers and mysteries) is Frances de Pontes Peebles' The Seamstress, which The Independent newspaper has reviewed very positively

I found myself sitting between two middle-age men on the Tube last night, both reading their Kindles; one was reading some Arthurian legends, the other something that looked like Anna and the King? Or maybe Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet? Certainly something Anglo-flavoured but set in East Asia. An amusing London technology bibliophilic moment. Little me in the middle with my old-school, dead-tree variety of novel…

I've got my Google Reader down from 1000+ to 800 today. Discovering a Firefox plug-in by which I can save straight from Google Reader to Delicious is definitely helping with that.

I downloaded Kindle for iPhone quite a few weeks ago and helped myself to a few "first chapter" free samples, including David Nicholls' One Day and Emma Donoghue's Room. And now I want to read both of them, desperately. But I'm on an informal self-imposed library ban because I keep incurring fines, my library keeps losing the books I return between the returns drop and the counter (I've had to "claim return" two items now and one was an audiobook and they are just Not Interested in believing me) and I have at least 350 books at home to read. So it might be a while before I get back to those.

In fact it's been a very materialistic week here at Maison Reading Fuelled By Tea (let's just stick to Maison RFBT, shall we?) as I got my Christmas present from my parents, a lovely digital piano so that I can learn to play again after having not played in so long that I've forgotten how to read bass clef, and I bought myself a bicycle and intend to be cycling around London in the not-too-distant future! Cycle commuting will dent my reading time, but hopefully I will lose weight and stress and not need a gym membership and all of those things will mean more time and more money for BOOKS!!

Last but not least, new arrivals here:

New arrivals 23-02-11Elyne Mitchell – The Silver Brumby – One of my favourite books from childhood and I had to have my own copy.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Love in the Time of Cholera – I won this lovely Penguin edition from Foyles after I won their #bookgame on Twitter one week. I shall be putting my current copy up on Bookmooch!

Kate Atkinson – Emotionally Weird – as I've mentioned a few times, I loved When Will There Be Good News, and how could I scroll past this title? 

That's it for me, hopefully will be Booking Through Thursday tomorrow and sharing thoughts on The Seamstress on Friday.


2 thoughts on “New developments”

  1. The game was #bookflu and my winning entry was Great Expectorations… Not the only person to submit that, but the first one to get it in. Appropriate, therefore that the prize was Love in the Time of CHOLERA…

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