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Sunday Salon – Spring?

TSS And it's Sunday again. Work is still crazy busy but I have managed to get my workload down from three clients to one. Which is aiding my sanity quotient enormously. I thought last week that spring had arrived, thanks to the lovely temperatures, but now we are solidly back in single figures and I'm back in my overcoat and winter boots. I know, I'm a wuss… but I'm losing my patience with this winter!

This week I have Discovered (capital D) Mr. David Mitchell and his fabulous The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. I posted my thoughts at 100 pages, and I have to say that I am absolutely loving it and support every bit of the Booker hype. I'll link to other reviews when I put up my final review (hopefully Monday – need to put in some solid reading time today to achieve that!), but it seems that most of the blogosphere is with me.

Other bookish events this week:

My mother had a significant birthday and I have found her a suitable book-related birthday present, which I can't share here just yet because she sometimes reads my blog, but I promise to share it after her party in two weeks. The post is already written 🙂

I went to the World Book Night party in Trafalgar Square, heard Mark Haddon and Boris Johnson read (Boris Johnson using Kingsley Amis' "Lucky Jim" as a warning against binge drinking was quite amusing) but gave up rather quickly because I was so cold and carrying a huge backpack with my laptop and some files in it… Then my cousin and I were going to go to the party at Royal Festival Hall on Saturday night but we had both been out during the day (I undertook my first London cycle ride!) and having got home, the attractive powers of the sofa, a pasta bake and some girly movies were too much to overcome. So we sat in our pyjamas and watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (loved it, must read the book now) and The Women (pretty dreadful). Am now catching up on the BBC2 coverage online.

I have been reading Equations of Life by Simon Morden, courtesy of NetGalley, on my iPhone and really can't decide what to make of it. On the one hand it needs much stronger editing (I don't need to know exactly how the protagonist got from his flat to the street, assuming that it was vaguely normal i.e. not swinging out the window, and that it's not relevant to the story) and I'm not really getting to grips with the plot because it's all just a bit too foreign – it's set in London in 20-30 years' time from now, after some world-changing event and our protagonist is Russian and has illegal hardware about his person and it's all quite confusing. On the other, I sense promise. I have to get over the somewhat amateurish writing and see what kind of a plot comes out.

I managed to get my hands on a Bookmooch copy of The Finkler Question, which I thought would be impossible, and that arrived in excellent condition; I also received my latest book from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program: No Safe Haven by Kimberley and Kayla R. Woodhouse.

So that's my week, what did you get up to?


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