Lemon Drizzle Cake!

(I know, I keep promising a post on The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, but I keep not getting any reading done. On the weekend I sat on the sofa and watched films rather than reading… and last night obviously I had to watch Glee. So you'll just have to wait. But here is the story of some lemon drizzle cake)

I've been keeping my colleagues sweet with baking (ha ha pun intended) – so far this year we've had brownies (from the Jamie Oliver recipe) and lemon and sour cream cake (from the Australian Women's Weekly Christmas Cookbook). My current team requested (ordered) lemon drizzle cake after I found the recipe on the Pret A Manger Facebook page.

My cousin acted as chief photographer of my glamorous cooking efforts – all these photos are hers.

For once, I was very organised and got all my ingredients ready before I started:


Those ingredients are:


75g butter (at room temperature)

125g soft brown sugar

A large egg and an additional yolk

A level tablespoon of poppy seeds

The zest of 2 lemons (use a fine grater)

The juice of 2 lemons (save 2 tablespoons for ‘the drizzle’)

140g self-raising flour

2 pinches of baking powder

A pinch of sea salt

Mixed the butter and sugar together, added beaten egg slowly while whisking with my super hand blender thingy:


Next came the poppy seeds and the lemon zest:

Flour, baking powder and salt went in next (not so photogenic) and then I had a bit of a dilemma with the cake tin. The recipe called for a 24x24x5cm cake tin, which fortunately I just happened to have, but the mix really didn't fill it:

So what happened was that the mix spread out about 1cm thick across the base of the tin! It did rise, but nowhere near as much as a 24x24x5cm cake tin would suggest. I'll be trying this again in a half-size tin.

The finished product after drizzling (sugar dissolved in 2 tbsp of lemon juice for drizzle, then some lemon curd on top):

It did go down very well with my colleagues (and my cousin, who only got a little bit 😦  ) but I think I'll be back to brownies next week.


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