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April Fools’ Day – some of the best from the book business

Twitter has, of course, been abounding with pranks and fake book news today and I thought I would take a moment to collate the best of it:

(photo credit)

(many thanks to the rest of the web for writing today’s post for me).

Cargo Publishing claimed to have secured a new, as yet unfinished and untitled, David Foster Wallace novel to be published at Christmas.

The claimed that David Cameron’s government was not only limiting incoming foreign nationals, but incoming foreign books too.

And this article by Shelf Awareness about Jeff Bezos getting a speeding ticket is almost definitely an April Fools. Or else he’s that convinced of his invincibility.

And this from Book Diva must be too!

LibraryThing decided to bring out an eReader with remarkable similarities to the current market leader.

This Scent of Books has been up for a few days at least, but it’s wonderful.

The Guardian has a nice little April Fools’ Day themed quiz

I do have a question though – April Fool’s Day? Or April Fools’ Day? I’m inclined to go with the latter, as there are many fools today…


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