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Sunday Salon – My new home

Having had a little bit of a work-induced blogging hiatus, I missed last Sunday. That just means there’s twice as much to talk about!

Last week was pretty crazy from Thursday to Tuesday as we rushed to finish off a piece of client work under a nasty deadline. Having made everyone happy and with just a bit of documentation to finish off, it was chill-out time… until my old work in Germany rang me up and offered me a few days’ worth of translation proof-reading work. Unable as I am to say no, I now find myself snowed under again. Oh dear.

However, I’m off “oop north” to lovely Lancaster for a few days because Mr RBFT studies up there and I like to get out of London and visit him up there every now and again, giving him a break from the Virgin Trains Lancaster-London special. So when you read this I will probably be on my way to a yummy pub lunch by the river, having gone to Mass at the Cathedral in the morning. Top stuff.

Biking update: Cecily and I have covered an astonishing 160 miles together already and so far no punctures or anything else untoward has happened to us. Sometimes van drivers stare, but I like to think that’s because I have lots of reflectives on rather than because they think I’m a nutcase (are the two mutually exclusive?)

Ooh and I moved blog-house. I got tired of Typepad when I was trying to redesign my blog to look a little more professional (if anyone has followed me across, do let me know what you think of the new look!) and quite frankly, realised I didn’t need to be paying $9 (that’s about £6 these days?) a month when I could have WordPress for free. So here I am. I’m getting used to the behind-the-scenes aspects of WordPress quite quickly – they are a bit more logically laid out (to my mind) and I love the fact that you have a media library so I can just save all my images in the background and pull them up when I want them. So for example, when I’m writing my TSS on my work laptop (naughty), on my netbook, my home computer, Mr RFBT’s laptop (when I can get near it!) or any other computer which might fall under my fingers, I don’t have to keep downloading the TSS logo.

Books. I’m supposed to be talking about books. Well.

In recent times I have finished Chris Ryan’s Strike Back and really enjoyed it – I am going to have to keep collecting her SAS thrillers because they are absolutely riveting and require a lot less than my full brain capacity to comprehend!

I finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills when Mr RFBT and I were in Germany for my mother’s birthday, and I am still completely confused by the ending and the very pensive style of writing. I want to reread it (at under 200 pages, it shouldn’t take long) to see if that helps before I condemn it to review.

I read Alice Thompson’s The Existential Detective rather quickly, and was a bit disappointed – see my review.

I have, of course, taken 5 more books than I will have time to read up to Lancaster, but I’m hoping to finally finish Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale and maybe one or two others.

What are you doing this Sunday?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – My new home”

  1. We went to Lancaster a few months ago (after seeing Blackpool Illuminations). We had lunch at the George and Dragon and visited the Maritime Museum. It was lovely.

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