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New Arrivals – Lancaster part I

It’s been a while since I shared the new arrivals at Maison RFBT.

These ones have arrived in the last few weeks from Bookmooch:

From the top down:

Daphne du Maurier – The Parasites. Simon at Savidge Reads is always raving about du Maurier and I thought I should try it out. This is a pretty tatty copy so if I absolutely adore it, I will have to replace it.

Primo Levi – If This Is A Man – recommended by a family friend.

Ben Elton – Blind Faith – I can’t remember why I got this but it looks quite exciting.

Penelope Lively – Consequences – having loved Moon Tiger I wanted to try some more of Lively’s work

Sallie Day – The Palace of Strange Girls – Rhian at Reading in the Bath recommended this.

Joanne Harris – Coastliners – I seem to have gone on a Joanne Harris spree and think I now own most of her famous works. In fact this has turned out to be a second copy (!) but in better condition than the one I had bought at Notting Hill.

Claire Harman – Jane’s Fame – Now that I’ve read all of Austen’s 6 major works, I would like to dip into some of the biographical material out there. Goodness knows there’s enough of it! But Harman has an excellent reputation.

(photo credit)Then I drove up to Lancaster on the weekend (I’m still up here, although I have not been to visit the magnificent Ashton Memorial pictured here on this trip) and did rather well at the Oxfam Bookshop on Penny St and at the Saturday morning market:

From the top:

Anita Shreve – All He Ever Wanted – I can’t walk past a Shreve that I don’t own.

Michael Connelly – The Brass Verdict (and below) The Lincoln Lawyer – A new crime writer for me (I have read one of his before, and rather enjoyed it, in my pre-blogging days) and now that the Lincoln Lawyer is getting the Matthew McConaghey treatment, I thought I’d try to get to the book first!

J. M. Coetzee – Disgrace – Booker winner. ‘Nuff said.

Kate Morton – The Forgotten Garden – this was reviewed at BookBath and at Reading Is My Superpower.

Isabel Allende – Portrait in Sepia – I loved Daughter of Fortune.

Jonathan Safran Foer – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – this has had so much coverage, how could I go past it?

Finally a good hit of crime: 3 Clive Cusslers, 5 Sue Graftons (I’ve decided to collect the whole alphabet and go on a big Kinsey Millhone P.I. spree!) and The Lincoln Lawyer as mentioned above.

There’s another market on Wednesday, I could do even more damage – with the car here in Lancaster, there is almost no limit to what I could pick up!


7 thoughts on “New Arrivals – Lancaster part I”

  1. Wow! Lots of great books. Jane’s Fame is a gem and I have had my eye on The Palce of Strange Girls so I’ll be interested to find out what you think.

  2. Given my record of buying, shelving and eventually maybe reading, you might have to wait a while to see what I think. I will try to read it sooner rather than later though!

    Really looking forward to Jane’s Fame – it’s been on my wishlist for a few years now.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous hoard you just stashed! I love getting finding more books to bring home. I hope you enjoy The Palace of Strange Girls. It’s an easy read and very ‘homely’. I haven’t come across Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close but the title sounds veyr interesting so I’m going to go trawl the blog world to read some reviews. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of a a potentially new great read!

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