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Sunday Salon – Much buying, less reading

Happy Sunday, one and all… we are due to hit 23 degrees today with lots of sunshine. If we do, I will be the happiest little European-raised Australian in London (I realise that’s quite a small group). I may have lived all my life on this side of the planet but I never get used to winter. Or rather, I think I have, and then spring/summer pops out and suddenly I am overjoyed.

This week I worked a lot and read not at all. Very very bad. To atone for my sins, I did buy a Kindle (come back on Tuesday for a post with my first impressions) and approximately 30 books (instalment 1, instalment 2 next week).

This is starting to happen (photo credit):

I finally got my review of Chris Ryan’s Strike Back up, and I am going to try to write something sensible about Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills before I settle down with Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale (which I have been reading for about 3 months now).

So this is what I will be doing a lot of this weekend:

(pinched from Harriet Devine’s blog – The Garden Window by Daniel F Gerhartz).


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