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New arrivals – Kindle!!

When work gave me a little “thank-you” a few weeks back (in the aftermath of what caused this and some general work craziness which I tried to keep off the blog), I dithered about whether I should spend it on new clothes (which are pretty, but I have no space for them) or a Kindle… the news that NetGalley was returning to Kindle closed the deal for me.

So I duly ordered it and it turned up while I was away in Lancaster, so I had to wait until I got back to pick it up, and then spent all of Saturday morning playing around with it. I’d already tried Kindle for iPhone (bearable, although the screen was simply too small for me to use for any length of time), so I had a few titles which transferred quickly and happily to the Kindle.

First impressions: very favourable. The thing where the screen goes black for a split second before the next page loads doesn’t bother me much, the page turning mechanism is quite intuitive, and the print is pleasant to read. I bought a case for it which includes a little prop-stand at the back so that I can stand it up and read from it if I want. I’m really pleased by how thin and light it is (I got the third-generation, Wi-Fi only version – I didn’t really see the point of the 3G when I already have an iPhone) and even in its case it is thinner and about the same page size as a paperback I have here on the desk:

This email from Amazon was the icing on the cake (although theoretically unrelated to the Kindle purchase…):

Shown an interest in books, have I? Really?


8 thoughts on “New arrivals – Kindle!!”

  1. Congratulations on the the new arrival Yvann. I’ll never think that ereaders will be a substitute for real books, but they compliment them beautifully.

    1. I know – I didn’t spot that line at first but then it was too good not to share – although on a serious note I suppose it is an indication of just how far Amazon has moved from its purely book-selling roots.

  2. Love the ‘interest in books’ line too – and please do post about how you get on with the Kindle and if/how it changes your reading…

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