BTT – Personality

This week’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

In a related question to last week’s–

I was reading the other day a quote from JFK Jr who said on the death of his mother, that she died surrounded by family, friends, and her books. Apparently, Jackie’s books were very much a part of HER, her personality, her sense of self.

Up until recently, people could browse your bookshelves and learn a lot about you–what your interests are, your range of topics, favorite authors, how much you read (or at least buy books).

More and more, though, this is changing. People aren’t buying books so much as borrowing them from the library. Or reading them on their e-readers or computers. There’s nothing PHYSICAL on the shelves to tell strangers in your home, for better or worse, who you ARE.

Do you think this is a good thing? Bad? Discuss!

I think that’s a lovely story about Jackie Kennedy, for a start.

I’m not so sure as to whether library borrowing really has changed – if anything it has gone down in the UK, which is why we need campaigns like this:

(photo credit)

As I said last week, I can’t imagine hiding my books away, and I love it when people come over and browse my bookshelves while I make tea. They normally end up borrowing one or two. I like to do exactly the same at other people’s houses.

In a sense, books that I have got from the library are even more prominently displayed because I don’t dare to put them in the shelves or they will get sucked into the vortex, so they are usually lying around on the desk or table or floor… (yes, I’m ashamed to say, there’s often a few books on the floor) While some of my reading is now on my Kindle, others would still find out about it because…

The biggest publicity of my reading is clearly my blog! And therefore I think the question is a bit moot – particularly as it is primarily bloggers who answer the BTT questions – what is a blog if not an online extension of one’s personality through one’s enjoyment (or otherwise) of books?


4 thoughts on “BTT – Personality”

  1. Oh yes to shelf-browsing during the tea-making bit at the start of a visit. I used to feel really self-conscious and worry about people judging me or querying my choices – but that seems a long time ago now. I think growing up and getting more confident made a change, as did having a job that let me buy more books so I can be more confident that my shelves reflect me.

    I really like looking into lighted windows in the evening and seeing bookshelves – makes a street feel civilised. And I LOVE visiting people and having a little browse…

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