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Places I read – LHR

Today is the first of a series of posts I intend to do, showing my favourite places to read and what I tend to read there. Suggestions in the comments?

I am off to Australia today for 2 weeks, to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday and to do some of this:

(originally in the New York Times, I thieved it from C.B.)

Yes, I am leaving dear trusty Cecily behind for 2 whole weeks… to say nothing of Mr RFBT and The Resident Cousin. (Cecily is the bicycle, for those who don’t remember.) They’ll probably miss me more than Cecily will – at least I hope they will!

However, to get to Manly Beach, I have to go to London Heathrow airport, loathed by many, loved by some (me – it’s my gateway to somewhere I want to be!) and today, hopefully not full of royal wedding devotees. I love me a good wedding (my own was the first one I ever went to, so I’m playing catch-up) but I chose to fly on the evening of the royal wedding rather than the next day in the hope of missing the hordes of (Australian and other Commonwealth) monarchists who will have flown in for The Big Day. So my intention is to get to LHR nice and early and settle down in one of Terminal 3’s meagre choice of eating locations with a good book.

The book will be very much determined by what happens next. I hate flying. I refer to aeroplanes as flying tubes of death. Yes, I know the statistics, but I’m much happier at the wheel of Bunbury (my car), on Cecily, on the London Underground, a bus, or a regional train. Anything that moves across terra firma. Thus I need books that I read on planes to be so captivating that I forget about defying gravity, here is my list for the flight:

A nice little bit of Scandinavian crime noir.

It’s been a while since I read a Baldacci, and I rather enjoyed Plague Ship, one of Cussler’s Oregon Files – this is another one. And Room is obviously a must-read.

Plus I will have Ted (the Kindle) – he’s all loaded up with classics and a few NetGalley review copies.

Do you choose books specifically for an upcoming flight (all of the ones I have listed are from my library apart from Snowman, which I bought), or do you take along a selection and see what grabs  you?

Do you use particular types of books to escape from unpleasant situations (e.g. fear of flying)?


9 thoughts on “Places I read – LHR”

  1. I hate flying too and can’t iamgine how you can manage to fly all the way to Australia. I can barely manage Europe. I can’t even read on a flight, i sit there feeling sick and waiting for it all to be over – but I guess with such a long flight I’d have to give it a try! I hope you have a good trip

  2. I don’t fly, but I always prepare my reading carefully for any time spent out of the house, wherever I might be. I haven’t yet forgotten the time I had a hospital appointment and I took enough escapist reading with me to allow it to be an hour late. It was TWO hours late and I ran out. Never again.

    1. Urgh. Running out of reading is the worst. One of the reasons I now carry my Kindle everywhere. It might not be the exact book I want to read, but at least I will have something to read!

  3. I had such fun cycling around Manly Beach 2 years ago with my boyfriend when we went travelling. A wonderful place!

    I do love planning what to read on holiday. I unfortunately can’t recommend any of those but I do have a copy of The Snowman so will be interested to hear your thoughts if you do read it.

  4. Well I got to Australia OK and am now jetlagged out of my mind. Although not so jetlagged that I can’t sort out the family internet *terribly proud of myself*.

    Only read 1 full book (Red Herring Without Mustard, the latest of the Flavia de Luce series, not even in my original list up there!) and 2 half books – the Baldacci was far too violent for me this time round.

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