Book buying

Gould Books, Newtown

Upon telling some Sydney friends about my favourite second-hand bookshop in London, Notting Hill Book and Comic Exchange, they immediately arranged to take me to Gould Books in Newtown to defend the local bookshop’s honour.

Firstly, any bookshop that is open 10am to 10pm 7 days gets kudos from me.

This is the view down the back of the shop. See all those piles of books?

Those would be these. You actually have to step over piles of books to get to the shelves.

There are also books of unsorted (I think) books in front of the bottom two shelves in every aisle. I had a hunt through a few but it was just too hard!

Just a few more boxes.

You can just about see the open window here.  I’m intrigued by this – was there a tabby pattering around those boxes that I didn’t notice?

This was a bit sad – who takes a wedding guest book to a second hand bookshop? I really hope that the guestbook was simply forgotten about instead of the wedding being cancelled!

If I had more cash and more suitcase space, I could have stayed there all day. Thanks A and C for taking me to Gould!


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