Flawed – Jo Bannister – 7/10

“You can’t carry the whole world, Daniel. Hell, you’ve trouble carrying your own shopping.”

Brodie Farrell, entrepreneurial detective, finds herself single and pregnant. Her best friend Daniel volunteers to help with the legwork, but has his own mystery – twelve-year-old Noah has come to him, showing all the signs of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Jack Deacon is investigating an old friend, Terry Walsh, who is accused of smuggling drugs. When witnesses report seeing Walsh take a rival crook on his boat and, two days later, the man’s bullet riddled body is found, suspicions grow even higher. But, Walsh has an alibi…from his solicitor, nonetheless, a man who happens to be Noah’s father.

Small town intrigue, police procedurals and private investigators. Three of my favourite things. The tiny town of Dimmock is a wonderful setting – on the south coast so there’s mystery at sea, near London, a little town with a town hall clock that runs a quarter of an hour out…

The characters are all spectacular although all slightly too good. Brodie is too capable – she’s a single mother and pregnant again, as well as an entrepreneur and constantly in romantic conflict, but always professionally right. Daniel is tiny and has no fear and does the right thing by his friend even though it’s not in his best interests. Jack is a bit better – a big growly bear of a policeman.

The intertwined plots are skilfully handled; I was much more interested in the domestic abuse case than the serious crime case, and in Brodie and Daniel rather than the power games between the police staff. But I suppose there’s lots for everyone in this mystery.

“The expansiveness of Selkirk’s welcome had frozen on him like wet clothes on a winter washing line.”

” ‘Where the hell did all these metaphors come from?’   ‘A metaphor shower?’ “

(think about it)

I’m looking forward to reading more of these Brodie Farrell mysteries because I want to get to know the characters better!

Additional info:
This came off my shelf. I have absolutely no idea when I bought it or if someone once gave it to me.
Publisher: Worldwide Mystery – St Martin’s Press, 250 pages (paperback)
Order this from Amazon* 
* this is an affiliate link – I will be paid a small percentage of your purchase price if you use this link; proceeds go towards giveaways.

2 thoughts on “Flawed – Jo Bannister – 7/10”

  1. I read all the Brodie Farrell’s that our library had several years ago. I need to check and see if they have more now. Your review reminded me of a series that I really enjoyed, and I’ll be checking for more more Jo Bannister!

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