Deliver Us From Evil – David Baldacci – 5/10 (DNF)

“A sharp wind smacked against the window, apparently trying to force its way inside”

Normally I’m a big Baldacci fan (see True Blue – I read pretty much all his other works before I started blogging) and this had all the makings of an excellent plot: vigilantes hunting down war criminals at large, a recurring agent Shaw coming into conflict with the vigilantes and the war criminals, settings in the US, UK and Provence…

But it just got too violent for me. I’m used to the investigators/agents/heroes finding people who have been brutally tortured and murdered – I’m not using to reading along as the bad guy does the torturing and killing. Baldacci just went one or two notches further to the gruesome side and it was too much for me, so I had to give up at page 230 (out of 596).

Normally Baldacci et al get 7/10 but the book loses a few points because:

– the Englishness of the UK characters was hugely overdone, they all talked in stereotypical phrases: “Well, bloody paper can be nicked pretty easily too” “Smashing” “Eh, Reg, you shoulda rung up… Almost shot you. Be in a funk for weeks if I did that”

– the blurb alludes to a third storyline, and yet by page 230 we’ve only been introduced to the lead character in that plotline… bit slow to get going there I think.

Ah well. Can’t win them all.


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