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Sunday Salon – Sunshine!

Morning all! I’m writing this at 20:49 on Saturday, so Rapture time has passed here but who knows, it may yet strike the USA. In which case, zombies, read books.

I’ve been ignoring my blog this week and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine that has struck London (apart from on Wednesday night when I got soaked to the skin cycling around to meet up with a friend) – today The Physicist and I joined most of the rest of the city at Hampstead Heath with a picnic basket. The friend who gave us that basket as an engagement present reads this blog, I know, so… J – it was lovely and did us and you proud. Come visit and we will repeat the exercise!

Reviews have been posting themselves merrily and I’ve got another week of buffer material before I have to start writing again. However, this week I got through:

Absolute Friends, by John le Carré – or rather I got to page 260 out of 400 of this. The first 200 pages were really promising – fascinating character development, a cold open that leaves us desperate to get back to it, great student riot atmosphere… and then we get into the spying proper and it bored me to anger. Seriously, I got so angry with the dull plot, dire characters and chronically self-indulgent writing (“redux” 4 times in 2 pages??) that I decided I would rather play Bubble Shooter on my phone than continue reading it. Scathing criticism indeed.

Left Neglected, by Lisa Genova – the fact that Jodi Picoult raves about it on the front cover pretty much says it all. If you like Picoult’s writing, you will enjoy the chatty, interior monologue style of this novel. If you don’t… don’t bother. I got a bit tired of the vacuous self-pity after a while but I breezed through this in an afternoon and it stayed with me for a while afterwards – no mean feat.

So reviews of those two will be coming up shortly.

I’ve been good at not acquiring too many books recently – I did a reshuffle of the shelves today in an attempt to clear some desk space and realised that I really do have no more space.

Upcoming reading:

Purgatory Road by Peter J. Earle – this is a review copy sent to me by Troubador Books. Looks like a good thriller set in South Africa.

The Hunger Trace by Edward Hogan – The Resident Cousin has pushed this to the top of my TBR pile.

After You’d Gone by Maggie O’Farrell has come in from Bookmooch and needs to go out again to someone, so I will have to get to that sharpish! I have loved both of O’Farrell’s other novels that I’ve read, and I have another one on my shelves.

The True History of the Kelly Gang – there’s not all that much time left for the Hop-a-long, Git-a-long, Read-a-long Challenge, and this is my chosen Western. Can I get to it before the end of May (the end of the Challenge)?

What have you been reading?


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