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Musing Mondays – Slump?


I actually wanted to do a “hey, sorry I’ve been busy, here is a little catch-up of stuff” post, but then today’s Musing Monday was so relevant to me right now this morning, that I will save all the news until Sunday and without further ado…

This week’s Musing Mondays, hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading:

Describe the last time you were stumped for something to read, and you took measures to remedy that — either by going to the bookstore, the library, or shopping elsewhere. What book did you choose? Did it get you out of your slump?

This has been happening to me for the last week. Having churned through 8 books on holiday and another two since I got home, I have had no desire to read at all. Between cycling to work (yes, Cecily and I are still going strong – it’s a 16-mile round trip these days!) and thus not having train commute time to read, and a huge pile of “books to read next” because they are review books, or I’ve promised to send them to someone, or they’re due at the library… completely stymied me.

I had been contemplating a trip to the library for something light and thin, something I could read quickly (although as I’d been struggling with The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, I don’t think I’d be able to find anything thinner than that!), when a Bookmooch friend got in touch, asking me to “angel” a book to Canada – Bookmooch angeling is when a BM member in country A mooches a book that someone in country B wants, from an owner who is not only resident in country A but won’t send overseas. The intermediary then sends it overseas, where it makes someone else happy. Anyway. It’s a complicated process. The point is, Jenni asked for Before I Die, by Jenny Downham – which I knew I had on my shelves.

It was just the impetus I needed to read something quick and get it out of the house.

It was a beautiful little book – the sad last days of a teen with leukaemia, but full of life.

So that has jolted me out of my slump and I think I’m going to pick up Helen Garner’s The Spare Room next, which is also about a dying cancer patient, and comes hugely recommended by my father.


7 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – Slump?”

  1. Oh yes, Before I Die is a great book! I loved it. Jenny Downham published a second book recently, which I have too, should I add that to the pile of books I have for you??

  2. Before I die is such a beautiful book. It’s a shame that commuting by bike cuts into reading time – me too 😦 (although it will be worse after we move and I’m cycling 4.3 miles each way as opposed to 1.3….)

    1. I know! Cycling and books go so well together as ideas and not at all as practicalities. I have a friend who listens to audiobooks as she cycles but I’m not brave enough to take on the A11 without my full hearing capacity and concentration! 1.3 miles – ah the memories of short bike rides…

  3. And after being in the Oxford bubble for 3 years moving out to Summertown seemed like the back of beyond!!

    1. Summertown?? Can we swap lives please? I will trade you a flat in east London within spitting distance of the Olympic site (rented, not owned!) for a house in Summertown… also I’d trade accountancy for working in the Bod.

  4. Then you should also read ‘ich werde immer bei euch sein’ von Peter Pohl. I’ve got a copy somehere, but it may take a bit of locating!

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