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Looking back on May, looking forward to June

Inspired by Gaskella, and keeping her Latin theme, Janus here is going to represent my new feature – monthly summaries and forecasts.

In May I got through 10 books, a huge number for me! My reading pace was aided somewhat by two long flights to and from Australia and two weeks of restful holiday while I was there. Books read were (links to reviews):

Reviews which have gone up already:

Flawed – Jo Bannister

It Takes a Village – Christine Stinson

84, Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff

The Duchess of Bloomsbury St – Helene Hanff

You can see from the number of unreviewed books that I’ve got myself a bit of a buffer from my current non-reading life (I’m cycling again and it really cuts into reading time!) but they should all go up over the next two weeks or so.

I’m not reading anything right at the moment – I started J.D.Robb’s Salvation in Death but after I realised that not only is J.D.Robb Nora Roberts in disguise, but that it was crime writing but set in 2052 for apparently no good reason, and that the writing sounded like Nora Roberts (of course the main character has a tall husband who cups her chin in his hand and brushes his lips against hers… urgh) I threw it down in disgust. Then I parcelled it off to the person who was responsible for it being in my house (it was an Angelmooch request so off to Canada it went!)

Coming up, I’ve got:

Maggie O’Farrell’s After You’d Gone – another Angelmooch which I need to get on its way sooner rather than later

Peter J. Burke’s Purgatory Road, received for review from Troubadour Books

Justin Cronin’s The Passage, won in paperback form from Orion via Material Witness

Carolyn Hart’s Death at Midnight, won in a giveaway from Beth Fish

Helen Garner’s The Spare Room, borrowed from my father

oh and just a few library books to be getting on with; including the first three Jo Nesbø books and Lucie Whitehouse’s The Bed I Made.

Should keep me busy for a while!


3 thoughts on “Looking back on May, looking forward to June”

  1. Ooh, dear, that would be an unpleasant surprise: if you weren’t looking for Nora Roberts thinly disguised with a veneer of mystery and a nano-plating of future-setting… Salvation in Death is number 33 in the series, and things are terribly, terribly formulaic by that point.

    The original characters are at their best, and the mysteries more compelling, in the earliest books. I recommend Reunion In Death, IF you want to try a better J.D. Robb book.

    Even so, it’s still clearly Nora Roberts. 😉

    1. Well I’ve never read any Roberts so I only know her by reputation – hence I thought “how bad can it be”. Turns out, bad. I will keep Reunion in Death in mind in case I feel the need to try again – but I’ll slip that one in at the bottom of a very long TBR pile!

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