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BTT – Book reviews

This week’s Booking Through Thursday:

Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?

Do I read them? Not only do I read them, I have a Delicious account with over 5000 of them stored from people’s blogs (that’s about 2 years’ worth of blog reading) plus I tend to note book recommendations down from newspapers and magazines. I trust everyone. Mostly because my approach is too scattergun to actually understand someone’s tastes and how they compare to mine. I don’t tend to follow blogs with a strong sci-fi, romance, chick-lit or YA bent so I just assume that if their reading mix reflects my own (or what I would like my own to be!), I will agree with them.

They don’t affect my reading habits (which are pretty much: finish book, go to shelf, select new book mostly at random, start book, repeat) but they do affect my buying habits – if I see a book at Notting Hill, at the Lancaster markets or on Bookmooch that I’ve seen reviewed recently, I’ll almost definitely pick it up.

I set most store by verbal recommendations – The Physicist and I rarely read the same types of books (he reads a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, although we did both enjoy The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I have my eye on his Jim Butcher collection) so he’s not that helpful for recommendations, but The Resident Cousin and I curate each other’s “to-be-read-very-soon” lists; I’ll consider anything strongly recommended by my sister or father, and I am very much looking forward to a visit in July by a friend (hello C!) because she did/does English Lit and thus has a huge number of recommendations, none of which I have ever read. But we have bonded over our love of 84 Charing Cross Road and Bel Canto, so I know I can trust her taste!

What about you? (although I guess you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t read reviews!)


4 thoughts on “BTT – Book reviews”

  1. Of course, I read reviews–one of the most enjoyable of book-related activities! I mostly skim reviews of books that interest me, trying to avoid spoilers. Even though I jot down titles obsessively, I still manage to get to the library without a list!

    1. Mostly. I have about 20 for Goon-Squad, 20 for Freedom, I had about 10 for 1000 Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (linked to them on my review). But lots are just for a single book.

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