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Sunday Salon – Visitors!

It has been quite a fortnight since I last wrote a Sunday Salon.

In real life: work got busy, super-busy for a while as I did a translation verification for my old work, my work computer partly exploded and then IT made it a lot worse and then they made it much better again. This last week has been a lot more peaceful.

The Resident Cousin had a birthday and I collaborated with her family to spoil her rotten. And then I hatched a second birthday surprise by which I took her out to see Priscilla (the musical). Subtle it ain’t, but my goodness did we have a fabulous night out. The whole audience was shimmying in their seats (including us in our aren’t-we-sophisticated work dresses), there were pink feather boas everywhere, and there was a whole song about cake, which I’m pretty sure was just an excuse for the chorus to dress up as cake.

In real life in my flat: The Physicist came home from The North, spent two days here and cavorted off to Lisbon for a week. Seriously, academics have got it all sorted. If you must network, do it in a glamorous, hot, sunny place. Dad came to visit on his way to and from Glasgow, and left me with a copy of Helen Garner’s The Spare Room, which is high on the to-be-read pile. TRC’s friend arrived on Wednesday and has been battling jet lag admirably. TRC and friend are off to Dublin and The Physicist is temporarily back before going north again.

I don’t venture outside my 8 mile work-home radius and I feel exhausted!

In online life: BEA happened and I couldn’t go. Armchair BEA happened and I was really excited about it but then the work explosion made everything get in the way. I still have an interview to post from that (sorry!!!!) and I promise it will go up soon. Meanwhile I am trying to find a better way to save tweets than favourite-ing then but it doesn’t seem to be working.

In other news: Bob Gould, owner of Gould Books in Newtown where I purchased 84 Charing Cross Road, passed away, having had a fall in his bookshop. I think if you have to die from a fall, a fall in your own bookshop is probably second only to falling over while walking on a beach and eating chocolate. His is an interesting story – I’d encourage you to read the obit.

I found this on Monday from Savidge Reads, so you’ve probably all watched it already, but for those who haven’t – a glorious bit of YouTube fun, continuing the Priscilla theme:

Here everyone, go look at some geeky cakes. I’ll be back tomorrow.


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