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Armchair BEA Interview with The Book Mystress

So, Armchair BEA happened in the week 23-27 May… I’m only a little late posting this! Monique at The Book Mystress kindly agreed to exchange interviews with me – you can see my answers to her questions (do go check them out, I’m rather proud of my wit…).

Without further ado, her answers:

Why did you start blogging? Because I am a writer and a number of people told me not to put book reviewing and writing in the same blog.

If you could visit the setting of a particular book, which one would you go for? (e.g. would you visit 1990s Sydney in Looking for Alibrandi, or 19th century Hampshire in Pride & Prejudice) Being an Aussie and tired, I would say Looking for Alibrandi or maybe Interview with a Vampire

Do you do any weekly memes (Booking Through Thursday, Top Ten Tuesday) and if so, which are your favourites and why? I do BTT, TTT, and IMM, they are my favorites, I sometimes do others.

Describe or put a photo of your book shelves/cases? I don’t have a picture, but one is little and brown, the other is big and brown, they aren’t chockers with books… but they almost are, I have recently moved and have brought 30 plus books since, #notaddicted!

What is the most exotic place you’ve visited? Sydney, Australia ❤

What would be your chosen superpower? Super Speed

You can make a law about reading, libraries, books etc. What law would you make? hmmm, I am not sure at all, they should be cheaper? It should cost less to ship books over seas? I don’t know!


Thunderstorms – Mega Hate  (Note from RFBT: We must agree to disagree on this one – see my ode to a thunderstorm!)

Sheep – They’re alright…

Apple’s dominance of the world – hate it because of the prices

Google’s dominance of the world – yay Google!

Amazon’s dominance of the book world – booo, I shop at THE BOOK DEPOSITORY

Coffee with adjectives (grande skinny decaf hazelnut…) – Dont drink Coffee

Small children – they’re cute

Time off work when genuinely sick (does the time off outweigh the misery of being ill) – I’m not sure, I don’t think so

Bicycles – meh

Pink shirts on men – depends on the man

Long dangly earrings – cute on some people

Hardback books that are too heavy to read anywhere but sitting down at home – thats true, I hate the dust covers on hardbacks too…

Thanks to Monique @ The Book Mystress for answering my questions!


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