Abandoned Books

This meme has started to do the rounds, apparently having started at The Literary Stew and been picked up by Simon of Stuck in a Book and Harriet Devine.

What would cause you to stop reading a book?

Terrible writing is my usual bugbear. I’ve given up for excessive smugness of composition, superfluous similes and dull, unsympathetic characters.

Nauseating evangelism makes me give up too, as does some violence – I don’t like to read from the perspective of the bad guy.

Name a book you’ve abandoned in the past that you ended up loving later on.

Believe it or not, Anne of Green Gables! For a while around my 10th birthday, everyone gave me Anne of Green Gables; I had 5 editions at one point. I kept starting it and just didn’t get it. Fast forward a few years, I finally settled down in the right frame of mind, and that red-haired sprite is still one of my favourite characters in all of literature.

Name a book you’ve abandoned in the past that you hope to finish one day.

A Tale of Two Cities, and by extension, Dickens. This blog started as an effort to get reading the classics, but my motivation ground to a halt when I got to TOTC, having struggled through Hard Times and moderately enjoyed Oliver Twist (which I still haven’t reviewed and will definitely have to re-read before I can review it!). I couldn’t get past the first page of TOTC and gave up on my Classics diet at that point. I hope to get back on the horse at some point.


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