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Sunday Salon

Morning all! Last week I wrote a big long Sunday Salon and then my computer decided it didn’t like what I’d written and wiped it all. So let’s try again this week!

This week I have mostly panicked and worked very hard. With occasional interludes in which I ate leftover vegetable risotto for about 5 days, and in which The Physicist and I watched The Librarian: The Quest for the Spear. It has so much potential to be a cult classic. Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter, with so much dreadful dialogue that even the actor can’t keep a straight face. Seriously, rent it or buy it (if you can find it!), and watch it. Keep an ear out for my favourite line: “Get your own geek.” I won’t embed a clip containing that line because it would contain too many spoilers, but I love the start of this one because this has actually happened to me:

I have read exactly one book, David Baldacci’s Divine Justice. Meh, standard Baldacci fare – review and get out the door. Because the nice painter man came and fixed the wall (I love the fact that renting means not paying for tradesmen to fix things) and we could put our bookshelves back, I was able to put the books in the box back on top of the bookcase. In fact I only had to put 6 on top of the bookcase, but still. I do not have space for this many books. Therefore, I am trying (trying!! but the Physicist will chuckle with scepticism when he reads this) not to bring too many books into the house these days (including library books, I took a whole stack back unread) but to get through what’s on the shelf.

I did, however, register Adventures with Cecily, where I may or may not in the future witter on about bicycles and cycling in London. Unlike Dorothy at Of Books and Bicycles, I like to keep my hobby and my mode of commuting separate. Go check out my first post over there and let me know what you think.

Right. Back to the sofa! Do let me know what you have been reading…


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