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Mother, I read a lot.

I have used Goodreads for a while, mostly because I like the Twitter tie in feature and the tracker of how many books I have read in a year, but I recently hooked it up with my Facebook account. As a result, when I put in a status update on Goodreads, it pops up not only on Twitter but on Facebook as well (I am coming to adore social media). Cue amusing conversation with my mother:

Mum: I have a question about your Facebook status.

Me: Yes?

Mum: You know when you say you’re on page 150 of a book on Tuesday, and page 200 of a totally different book on Thursday, are you reading lots of books at once?

Me: No.

Mum: So you read… 400 pages in 2 days?

Me: Yes.

Mum: That’s ridiculous. How’s work?

Me: Fine.

Mum: And how’s your work on your Open University degree (note: in addition to full-time employment with a big 4 accounting firm in London, including working towards a professional qualification – due to be completed in a month wooooo – I’m that much of a sucker for punishment that I’m doing a second Bachelor’s degree, in Modern Languages – although I speak German so a third of it was super-easy)?

Me: yes, well… hmm. Reading’s more fun.

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4 thoughts on “Mother, I read a lot.”

  1. Wow – you ARE superhuman! Can’t believe you are doing a degree AND a professional qualification. My reading was a lot slower when I did my library degree, although unlike most of my coursemates I still read non curriculum stuff for at least half an hour a night before going to sleep.

    1. Not superhuman, just “can’t stand free time”. I hardly read at all when I was at uni the first time around (too busy playing sport, putting on plays, being on every committee in the city…). I have to admit that neither the qualification nor the degree gets all that much of my attention, but they’re both going fine so I think I shouldn’t mess with a successful recipe!

    1. Gerne! Bist Du für die 40 Seiten-clicks gestern Abend verantwortlich_ 🙂 normalerweise kriegt das Blog in der Nacht nur 5-10 Besucher aber gestern Abend war es 40… hihi alles gut. Viel Glück mit dem “Liste zu lesender Bücher”… meine ist viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiel zu lang.

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