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Snapshot – Craig Robertson – 2/10 (DNF)

“You were more likely to be murdered in Glasgow than in any other city in Western Europe.”

Police photographer Tony Winter has always been fascinated by accidents and murderous occasions, so he is excited by the opportunity to chronicle the deaths of some of Glasgow’s crime bosses, shot by a vigilante sniper. DS Rachel Narey, on the other hand, is miffed to have been removed from the sniper case to solve the murder of a prostitute, but keeps being drawn back to the sniper case.

I had to give up on this one – I made it through to 100 pages but only because that’s my rule. The language was intolerably foul – 6 or 7 expletives per page, apparently just to convey how hard/angry/drunk the speakers were. It seemed very lazy – a way to darken the book and make it edgier without any actual character development.

Some of the writing seemed careless – when much emphasis is laid on how cold and dank the weather is, why have a protagonist called Winter? I was momentarily confused with embarrassing frequency! I found the romantic sub-plot (or at least, connection) lazy – there didn’t really seem to be a need to have the female policeman shack up with the police photographer, the author just wanted to have an opportunity to write about how hot she was.

I did not enjoy this at all – far too dark and menacing, but without any interesting characters (you can’t tell me that Larsson’s The Girl… series isn’t dark or menacing). I’ll be asking for less invective-laden novels.

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Additional info:
This was a review copy sent by the publisher for an honest review.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 394 pages (paperback)
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2 thoughts on “Snapshot – Craig Robertson – 2/10 (DNF)”

  1. There are so many brilliant crime novels out there waiting to be read that sometimes it’s a relief to be able to knock one off the list. Thanks!

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