Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon

Morning all!

Last week I was all excited about Adventures with Cecily, and forgot that I had set it to private. Anyone who wants to have access to my thoughts on biking (thus far they are not hugely erudite), go over there. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

Since I wrote last week’s Sunday Salon (on Saturday afternoon), I have read the following:

– finished Divine Justice by David Baldacci

Paranoia by Joseph Finder

The Love Verb by Jane Green

Snapshot by Craig Robertson (DNF)

Taboo by Casey Hill

which is really quite a lot of reading. I need to get cracking on some review-writing! Enjoyed all of them except Snapshot and somehow that makes the review-writing harder!

Today I have also been adventuring in the kitchen – our one-year wedding anniversary is coming up shortly and I thought it was about time to crack out the breadmaker, one of the few wedding gifts as yet unused. That got me started, and in total today I have made:

– beef and red wine stew (yes I know it’s not winter, but this stew is so amazing I can eat it in 30 degree weather)

– ciabatta bread which is knocking my socks off. It is that good. Admittedly it was a cheat mix bought at the supermarket but I don’t care. 78p for heaven in my mouth

– chocolate bread (well, it’s still going) in the breadmaker. I’m h0ping for a very light, airy cake, basically.

Now, do I move to the sofa with the ciabatta bread and the olive oil, or do I scrub down the balcony and make it pigeon-proof so that I have a lovely summer reading nook?


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