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Friday filler

Yes I know, this week hasn’t been very substantial. I plea mock exams totalling 11 hours in the space of 4 days (with full-time class tuition in between when we’re not in exams). Bring on 27 July.

Enter my giveaway of some ARCs.

Read about my cycling travels/travails in London.

And while I struggle on with the finer points of business analysis theory and International Financial Reporting Standards, I offer you the unofficial Australian version of Jingle Bells. Totally unseasonal, but if you are an Aussie, know any Aussies, have been to Australia, or even just watch Neighbours (really? you watch Neighbours? I suppose I shouldn’t judge!), you should get a chuckle out of this:


2 thoughts on “Friday filler”

  1. Haha… I remember hearing that on our favourite Aussie radio station! 😉 and yes, it is completely unseasonal, but still priceless!

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