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Sunday Salon – Sunburnt (probably)

Happy Sunday, lovely readers, and I hope the weather is as lovely wherever you are as it is here in London. This was supposed to go up last Sunday, so everyone please dial back a week and pretend it’s the third of July. (USA, you get your public holiday all over again – see, it’s a pretty good deal! Sydney readers, sorry about the bad weather that you have to have again. It stays all week.)

I’ve hardly done any reading this week (The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance being pretty much the only book I read during the week, although today I read Dead by Midnight  by Carolyn Hart) so I’m going to gloss over that and tell you about….

(photo credit)

Henley Royal Regatta! Where I was today, as the guest of the outgoing Oxford University Lightweights Rowing Club. I was very excited about going somewhere that has a dress code, although not a little concerned that I was going to come back with toasted shoulders because I am incapable of not getting sunburnt (I was also a little concerned for my host – the dress code demands that his jacket and tie remain perfectly present, regardless of the temperature!).

Fortunately the sun dipped behind the clouds early in the day and I only have a teeny bit of sunburn on my shoulder where I missed a bit with the sunscreen. My host did a lovely job of escorting me about, despite his terrible hangover, and while my intended recording of the event in tweets and photos was heavily curtailed by the fact that mobile phones were banned in the Stewards’ Enclosure – yes, it’s that sophisticated – it was a really fun day. We set up in deckchairs by the 1 1/4 mile marker for most of the morning and clapped politely as most of the Great Britain rowed by in different permutations in the elegantly named races (Stewards, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Mother, Princess Grace).

I didn’t spot any celebrities, but not for want of being in the appropriately posh seating areas. We went for a nice long walk of the length of the course and watched as older gentlemen in three-piece suits rowed their ladies about in little wooden boats. I still want this house:

So that was my lovely Sunday last weekend.

Lastly, go check out Adventures with Cecily, where I have had a little panic about signing up to do the cycle leg of a team triathlon (eeeeek!)

Do let me know what you have been reading…


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Sunburnt (probably)”

    1. It was good fun – but I think if you’re not a rower and don’t have a rower escort, going mid week and setting up at one of the picnic tables with some board games would be the way forward.

  1. We, too, had a beautiful sunny mild day, even though it is supposed to be mid winter here in the Southern Cape of South Africa. I do wish we had more rowable water. Thanks for the kind words about “Purgatory Road”. I so hope you have been sent “The Barros Pawns”, as well. Kindest regards,
    Peter J. Earle.

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