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Sunday Salon – Anniversary

Good morning everyone and happy anniversary to The Physicist (and me) – today one year ago we stood in our favourite church in Oxford and, watched by our family and friends, made those important vows.

I’ve chosen a photo where The Physicist is mostly hidden because I don’t know how I feel, or he feels, about being outed on the blog. But you can see that he’s there! And because I am feeling self-indulgent, possibly my favourite photo of myself ever:

And back to the serious contemplative stuff…

A year is a long time – long enough for it to seem like forever since we stood before a priest and swore to honour each other as man and wife for the rest of our lives; since we walked around a lake in Austria and climbed a mountain small Alpine hill; since we sat on the floor of our flat in East London and put together 5 book cases, a dining table and a desk system in one day (for that speed, I have The Physicist and the power drill to thank!).

It’s also a very short time – I’m still getting used to introducing myself by my married name (the number of times I’ve given myself two different surnames in a phone conversation…), seeing “Mrs” in front of my name on letters, talking about my husband rather than fiancé or boyfriend…

In other news this week:

– my friend C has come from Australia (and Russia, where she apparently turned down an absurd quantity of free vodka) to keep me company and sane while I prepare for my exams. The Physicist has wisely run away to Bulgaria for the time before my exams so as to stay out of the way of the crazy. So C and I will be tootling about London and Oxford and I am going to pack her off to see Bath and the Lakes. Any recommendations for a seriously-book-loving 18-year-old who only has 10 days in England?

– Jen Campbell (author of this is not the six word novel and @aeroplanegirl on Twitter) has improved my life enormously by writing satirical summaries of the Harry Potter books, one per day this week. As C is dragging accompanying me to movie 7b and I haven’t seen 5, 6 or 7a, and it has been years since I read the books, this is an invaluable public service. Links are to HP1, HP2, HP3, HP4.

– I have read:

mostly, my Association of Chartered Accountants examination preparation materials

the inside of my eyelids

pharmaceutical advice on taking antihistamines and phenylephrine together to get rid of a truly ghastly summer cold

Happy Sunday all, and let me know what you’ve been up to below!


14 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Anniversary”

  1. We have just come in from having watched the movie HP7(2) – not a patch on the books but still very exciting and I shed a few tears. Interesting about the Physicist as Prof Petrona is also a physicist, though after his first degree he switched to Biophysics – does that count ? 😉

    1. I have run across a number of book bloggers/LibraryThing members whose other halves are physicists – seems odd in a small world as there is so little funding for physics in this country! I’ll let him off with Biophysics! Glad to hear that HP7(2) is worth it – I really don’t have time before my exams (poor C will be waiting until she gets back to Oz to watch it) but will be dragging The Physicist after my exams when he gets back from Bulgaria!

  2. You do look lovely (out of an historical novel :)). Recommendations for England: Haworth (Bronte Land), Bath and Chawton (Austen Land). The Lake District is amazing and you can visit the Beatrix Potter nature reserve.

    1. Thank you! I’m thinking of having that photo framed – I have one beautiful wedding photo of my mother and I think that one might be my equivalent. C claims not to be an Austen-ite so she has avoided Bath, but I got her as far as Oxford and we found a “Gerard Manley Hopkins was curate here” plaque, which was pretty cool.

  3. No wonder your reading is fuelled by tea…especially the accountant preparation exams.

    I read a lot of the inside of my eyelids on Sunday afternoons too. Blame my parents: I was conditioned to have Sunday naps and still have to have them.

    1. I cannot nap – I simply can’t fall asleep if I know it’s not bedtime.
      And I’m on to approximately my 6th cup of tea this evening as I battle with my revision notes…

  4. Aww, what lovely photos and congratulations on your one year anniversary. I am about to celebrate my 10th (and still just as in love :))

    Loved reading your posts – just found your blog from Kim at Reading Matters and have subscribed to your posts so looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by – my being on Kim’s TCT brought a huge amount of traffic to this site! Glad to have you here. I tend to reply to most comments so do check back if you leave me one!

  5. Well belated congratulations on your anniversary – and what a busy few weeks you’ve got on at the moment. I hope the exam prep keeps on going ok, and that you enjoy(ed) Harry Potter (I thought not a great movie, but can’t get enough 3D…)

    1. Thanks. It’s all a bit crazy at the moment – hence the dearth of book reviews. I can’t wait for my week of holiday after my exams when I will be churning through the novels!

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