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Social media shout-out

Social media reaches new heights for procrastination stimulation.


I’m on Google+. You can (probably) find me if you search for “Yvann S” or for readingwithtea AT gmail DOT com. I’m still messing about with privacy and keeping it very separate from Facebook, which is for people whom I know in the flesh and with whom I would spend a significant amount of time, so it might be a bit impersonal for a bit while I get the hang of it. But don’t let that scare you off! A reminder to any blog readers who don’t know me on Twitter, I’m @readingwithtea there.


3 thoughts on “Social media shout-out”

  1. I am able to find your profile, but cannot add you. Might just be me though, I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how Google+ works.

    1. Well the main difference from FB seems to be that you can’t write on someone’s wall – so it seems to be a Twitter-like stream of people’s statuses, with the FB “like” function. Which is a neat combo but not really worth a whole new social network?

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