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Sunday Salon – studying

My goodness, it’s been all go this week. Do please read to the end because there is a fund-raising plea for a good cause (or just skip to the end!)

– The Temporarily Resident Sydneysider left on Saturday, very sadly, having had a great time in London and seen Oxford, Bristol and Brighton. Bye bye C, the cookies were wonderful 🙂

– The Resident Cousin’s sister arrived from Santiago via a million other places, so there were luggage-delay shenanigans… I stayed home yesterday afternoon so that someone would be in when the luggage arrived – and was scolded by the delivery driver for living somewhere that he didn’t know (UPS and DHL and the postman have no trouble finding us), so I had to go out onto the street to his van in my socks… and he opened the back of the van and for one horrendous moment I looked at the 6 cases in the van (TRCS’ was not the only luggage to get lost) and had a panic as I had no idea what the offending piece of luggage looked like! Fortunately the driver assumed I couldn’t see well into the dark van and mumbled “is it that backpack at the back” and all was well. Phew. So TRCS has her clothes and we all had a chuckle.

– The Physicist comes home from Bulgaria today! Very exciting. He will, I imagine, take one look at the exam-and-4-Australian-women-living-in-one-small-flat-induced chaos and make arrangements to be on the first train up north tomorrow morning. But never mind. I have a nice anniversary present for him all wrapped up.

– I read A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian and was rather underwhelmed. Review to come when I have my life back (Wednesday afternoon), but does anyone have any thoughts on it that they’d care to share in the comments?

– I cycled 16 miles before breakfast today in training for the London Triathlon next weekend in which I am taking part – I’m cycling 40km (25 miles) as part of a team from my department. We’re fundraising for Barnardo’s, the children’s charity. If you would like to support us, you can do so here:

unfortunately it’s not a personalised link because my employer is coordinating all the teams and thus there is central fundraising but do let me know on here, on Twitter or by email if you sponsor us!

I think that’s all for now, wish me luck in my exams tomorrow! Fingers crossed (or if you’re German, or claim some bit of German-ness, thumbs pressed!)


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – studying”

    1. Thanks! I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed it either! Haven’t done anywhere near as much study as I have in the past for similar exams, but feeling ok about it, actually.

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