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Sunday Salon – a weekend away

Those of you who know me on Twitter (I’m @readingwithtea over there) will know that due to The Physicist deciding to play bridge in Brighton this weekend, I took the opportunity of a free weekend (in shorter and shorter supply as the summer draws to a close and work starts to kick into gear again) to pop across the North Sea to visit my Dad (The Book Accumulator) and sister (Mini-Me). My mother (The Musician) is currently still busy in Australia and it was a shame to miss her – it’s difficult to coordinate family visits across hemispheres!

On Friday morning, the Physicist brought two marvellous bits of post upstairs: Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters had arrived from the author herself, who was giving away signed copies as a celebration of the Andreas sisters’ arrival in the UK. Eleanor was kind enough to sign my copy and compliment me on my blog name 🙂 maybe because I was uber-keen and got in the first comment on the giveaway? And Lynsey at Transworld Publishers, who is running the Transworld Book Group Challenge in August (which I had found out about via The Book Whisperer and Gaskella and someone else but now I can’t find them, please say hello in the comments if it was you!!!), had got my first title, Elle Newmark’s The Sandalwood Tree into the post very quickly! So I will be setting off on this challenge:

I’m part of the Transworld Book Group!

with this book: Can’t wait.

I already tucked into The Weird Sisters on the train then plane on the way over and wow. Just wow. There was so much hype coming from the USA about this one and so far it seems entirely justified. The heading on the back cover is:

“There is no problem a library card can’t solve”

How can you not love it already?

In other news, I finished and adored Alan Bennett’s The Uncommon Reader. Review to come shortly because I have to give my copy back to The Book Accumulator.

Non-book news: I’m in Germany. It’s lovely. I borrowed Mum’s bike, which I think is older than me?, and went for a pootle around the lovely area of north Germany in which the family lives, met up with a friend from when I worked here, sorted out an archaic computer problem and on Sunday morning (this post is being written very late on Saturday night) I am going for all you can eat brunch at one of my very favourite cafes in the world with one of my oldest friends, The Muffin Maven (check out my new page Dramatis Personae for a round-up of who’s who in my life).

(Update after brunch – we sat in the rain and ate Marmortorte – the weird shimmeriness on the rim of the plate is raindrops:

very yummy. Slightly overly moist.)

Hope everyone else is having wonderful weekends, do say hello in the comments, I promise to respond!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – a weekend away”

  1. Marmatorte? Havent come across that -please explain.

    Agree entirley about that tagline – if I have no money and need cheering up at lunchtime I head with my library card for the library to get some books!

    1. Verity, you will have seen Marmortorte but the Austrians may have a different name for it. It’s baked in a ring form so that you get cross-sectional slices about 4 inches across and toast-shaped. It’s basically what happens if you make a chocolate sponge mix and a basic sponge mix and bake them in the same container – you get a marbling effect, hence the name “marble cake”.

  2. Oh, I am so jealous that you won The Weird Sisters. It has been on my wishlist for forever! I am very glad to hear that it is good.

    I am hopint to get accepted for the Transworld Book Group too. The Sandelwood Tree would be at the top of my list.

  3. Hello. I am the third Transworld Book Grouper! I got The Sandelwood Tree for my first book too. I’ve just finished it and will be writing about it in the next few days. Hope you enjoy it.

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