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Sunday Salon – spectacles?

Urgh, what a non-week. This week I have:

– been told I have to get glasses. While TNLRC tried to convince me that I now “get to join the ranks of awesome” (which does sound pretty cool, I’m not generally prone to awesomeness), mostly I’m a bit scared and vain and not all that enthusiastic about the idea, which is ironic because just a few months ago I was thinking that glasses would make me look smarter.

Anyone remember the 1990s teen drama She’s All That? Pretty much the whole point of it is that geek girl (left) loses her glasses and goes to glamour girl (right). I’m doing the reverse. (Although geek girl looks more fun and less like she sold out to get the guy)

Clearly I should take CJ Cregg (from the West Wing, if you don’t know who she is, stop reading this IMMEDIATELY and watch seasons 1-4) as my inspiration:

That, my friends, is the look an auditor gives.

– spent 6 hours driving the length of England when it should have taken four and a half. On the plus side, I did it on less than a tank of petrol and calculated it perfectly, arriving with the petrol light on and the gauge saying I had 35 miles left in the tank (it stops counting at 30). I know *I* had a reason to be on the M6 on Bank Holiday Saturday (I’m going to a wedding up here in the north on Monday and have come up for a weekend in Lancaster), but what was the rest of England doing there? I even followed a truck that was simply labelled Scotland. I think it was trying (unnecessarily) to guide me.

– took a week’s holiday and mostly failed at actually taking holiday, carrying on with scraps of work that just wouldn’t go away. I have next week off too and have sworn not to switch my work laptop on.

– ignored my Open University coursework some more. Despite promising myself that I would devote substantial chunks of August to it. Ooops.

On the plus side, I turned up in Lancaster and bought 10 books within the hour. Pictures to come on Tuesday as I’ve now run out of pre-written reviews and thus have to hastily do some reading (with my sore eyes) and reviewing. I’m now listening to an appropriate volume of rain fall on the roof – seems odd to be happy about a rainstorm when there is a monumental one causing problems in the US. I know I have a few US readers – hope you guys are all safe and dry.

Also I get to go to a wedding, which is always exciting – my own was the first wedding I attended as my friends (and I) are still on the too-young-to-be-getting-married side of 26. Apparently. So I am excited about sharing in a happy day of love and friendship without all the stress!

Do share your undoubtedly more exciting weeks below…


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – spectacles?”

  1. I used to feel that way about glasses. The first pair I bought was one you could hardly see and I still felt like a geek. Now, I sometimes wish I did not have them, but others tell me my face looks better because of them (I of course, misconstrue that compliment into an insult). But really, glasses can really work for some people. And they’re not that bad, you just have to give yourself time to get used to the face+spectacles-you.

    Very curious about your 10 books!

    1. You’re absolutely right about getting used to a face+spectacles – it took me ages to get used to my father wearing glasses! (my mother wears those can’t-see-them-except-in-the-right-light glasses)

  2. Glasses DEFINITELY make you look smarter. They are great for cultivating an intelligent look 🙂 Plus, if you are not like me and can handle eyeballs, then you could try contacts?

    I also want to know about your books!

    1. I had to laugh at “can handle eyeballs” – I’m not a doctor because I can’t even handle blood or broken fingernails… also did you read about my Poppa’s glass eyeball a few days ago?

  3. I used glasses for 10 years and last year decided to have surgery. I’m super happy with the decision, but sometimes I look at women like CJ Cregg and miss them 😦

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