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Sunday Salon – success!

Lovely people, I have fantabulous news to share, which will not be news at all if you saw me on Twitter on Friday.

Remember those ghastly accountancy exams I was taking back in July? The ones that meant I read 4 books in July, compared to 11 in June and August? The ones for which I was studying while my husband was in Bulgaria and I was thus doubly miserable on our first wedding anniversary?

I passed them! with marks of 70, 59 and 63, which for a 50 pass-mark I think is a solid effort.

Those are the last exams I had to take for my chartered accountant qualification, so now there’s just a few bits of paperwork between me and the letters ACA after my surname.

Break out the big calculator.

Or, you know, the dark chocolate covered marzipan.

Help yourselves, I left some for you especially…

(edit on Sunday: you can’t help yourselves, I ate them all. But the Musician brought some Lindor chocolate balls so I’ll share those instead, ok?)


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