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Sunday Salon – Septemberish

The weather is boring and miserable outside and I haven’t been cycling in far too long. I’ve started doing the Couch to 5km running plan after Verity graciously accepted my totally taking over her idea suggested it, but I’ve struggled to find the motivation to get outside. The Physicist has come home with a dreadful cold of which I want no part, so I am guzzling orange juice and Berocca by the litre and keeping him out of the kitchen, stuffed full of medicine.

This week’s reviews have been:

Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden – 6/10 – a slightly bizarre memoir of the uber-rich.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton – 8/10 – I loved this until I turned the last page and there wasn’t another one! See review for full rant.

and two rather disappointing NetGalley review copies: Domestic Violets and The Craigslist Murders. Never mind, can’t win them all.

I read Elizabeth Peters’ Crocodile on the Sandbank and enjoyed it so much that I have ordered a whole batch from the rest of the series, and read Emily Arsenault’s The Broken Teaglass, which was so-so. Reviews to come. I started The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory last night and my inner book snob, romantic and good-story-lover are all fighting with one another. Victory report to appear soonish.

Work continues to pick up in stress and volume, and I’m back to a full cyclable commute as of Monday (and am quite tempted to just throw myself in, 80 miles in a week after hardly cycling for 2 months, that won’t be a problem, will it?), so I am expecting reading time to be cut down a bit.

I have however (Goodreads tells me) read 69 books this year, bringing me very close to my target of 75 for the year! So I’ll be celebrating that achievement when I reach it, and then extending the goal to 100. That includes a few DNFs (as readers saw this week) but I think they still count as I always read 100 pages (or 25% of an ebook) and I go to the effort of reviewing them and saying WHY I didn’t like them. And I have struggled on to the end with quite a few that, on reflection, I should have abandoned earlier (A Visit to the Goon Squad being one).

I’m also thinking of introducing a reading schedule – I’ve been somewhat inundated with review copies recently (not complaining!) and I feel like I’m not managing my reading very well. Also I have borrowed a shedload (bucketload?) of books from The Book Accumulator and Mini-Me and I should give them back at some point. Not to mention a copy of The Help which I borrowed from a friend last February and still haven’t opened. So I’m proposing a rotation:

1 physical review copy

1 own book

1 library book

1 NetGalley/GalleyGrab review copy

1 own book

1 borrowed book

Lather, rinse, repeat. What do you think?

Do tell me about your week’s activities and reading in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Septemberish”

  1. Strict schedules never work for me, but I like to rotate between review copies and books I selected/bought myself. I have to read a few review copies in a row now, because I was offered the shocking number of 3 paper review copies for September (I usually only receive one every 2 or 3 months) and I don’t think it is perfect.

  2. I think it’s a good idea to have a schedule, but mine would have to include more library books in the rotation as they tend to come 10 at a time from my reserved list, and then I have to rush through them. I really need to restrain myself from that “hold” button on the library site. LOL

    1. Ah see we can only take 10 out at a time and if we don’t pick up a hold (when it comes in) within 3 days, it goes back to its home library, so I don’t tend to go too crazy on the library website.

  3. Haha, you didn;t mention that we have given up on Couch 2 5k!! Love the idea of the rotation in principle – wonder how easy it would be to stick to.

  4. Your consumption is phenomenal. Then job, cycling, loving friendship; squeeze in a little time for breathing, why don’t you?
    I’m not finding (making) time for writing, my first love, what with a building project on the go with a deadline, and a touch of ‘flu’, and I read only one book this month, but was well worthwhile. A gritty Cape Town thriller by Deon Meyer. The reading is smooth, his characters are real enough to smell and curse or weep for and the ending both tight and satisfying. With your review of Barros Pawns due soon, I am getting like a kid on 24th Dec.

  5. I like the idea of a rotation of books, although the reality of it doesn’t really work. What I’ve really enjoyed is having a list of a dozen or so books I want to read throughout the year, and then mixing those books up with others that I choose on the spur of the moment, and with book group books. Fitting review copies in there is tough, which is probably why I haven’t been accepting as many as I used to. I hope you had a good week!

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