Fluff, Thriller

Two for the Dough – Janet Evanovich – 6/10

“Dumb chick feeds information to slimy guy. Come on, slimy guy, I thought. Get careless. Give me some information in return.”

Moving on from instalment one, Stephanie continues to attempt to catch bail dodgers for her cousin Vinnie. He gives her what he thinks is an easy case in Kenny Mancuso, a first time offender. Kenny proves alarmingly slippery. Meanwhile, Grandma Mazur keeps getting into trouble and not all is as it should be at Spiro’s funeral home.

I think Stephanie and I will be parting ways. She’s fun, she’s fiery, but she keeps finding body parts in her fridge. The writing is just a little more graphic than I prefer it (VI Warshawski and Kinsey Millhone are my female PIs of choice). Stephanie herself remains so-so for me – I don’t feel a connection to her as a character, there doesn’t seem to be very much investment in her personal character development as all the focus is on her professional development.

All the support characters remain highly entertaining. I love Grandma Mazur. In this one she conspires to open a casket in a closed-casket viewing, has some choice comments on the unfortunate things that show up in Stephanie’s post, and gets herself into Quite Serious Trouble.

Good unchallenging thriller/investigator reading. But I won’t be carrying on with the series.

Additional info:
Personal copy from Bookmooch.
Publisher: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster), paperback, 312 pages.
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1 thought on “Two for the Dough – Janet Evanovich – 6/10”

  1. I have very similar sentiments about the Stephanie character…. great in small doses. Grandma Mazur is superb, as are most of her supporting ensemble, but at times the crassness can be jarring. Although frank, Millhone maintains slightly more decorum.

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