Library Loot

Library Loot

So my local library is closing for 6 months (either for renovations or because they need to save cash, although given the amount of cash being poured into my local area between the Olympics and the Westfield shopping centre, I highly doubt the latter) – not that Newham Council has decided to put this on the website or anything.

Anyway, knowing that they were going to close, I went in to take out my books for the winter – the due date would be in April some time so I thought I’d take out some real chunksters that it will take me a while to get to.

That’s a lot of thick books.

I figured I’m doing the librarians a favour, right? If the books are in my house, they don’t have to pick them up and box them and keep them away from the paint – and these were heavy to carry home!

I was good and stuck to my rule of only borrowing books that I’ve heard of – there’s quite a few recent Booker/Orange contenders there.

Any thoughts?


14 thoughts on “Library Loot”

  1. Do I dare be dastardly and reveal to your readers how long you have had Wolf Hall in your TBR pile, and how many times I have tried to curate it to the Currently Reading pile??

  2. That is a good haul – I’ve read Annabel – it was very interesting. Not sure I could face Wolf Hall. And you’ve reminded me that I wanted to read The radleys *goes to check library catalogue*

  3. Great selection, I love that you are stocking up for winter! Wolf Hall took me ages to finish but it’s very good. I actually do the opposite in regards to your rule, I really like discovering books that are new to me at the library…

  4. Those are some good ones! I really liked Wolf Hall and The Radleys, but was less enthused about Secret Scripture and Parrot and Olivier (although both are worth reading). All the others are on my someday list!

  5. The only I’ve read is The Secret Scripture but I would so seriously love to have this stack of books at MY house this winter! Happy reading – and I’m looking forward to your reviews.

  6. I’ve read The Radleys which was good fun. The rest I want to read, too. Brilliant loot.

    I do seriously think the librarians prefer to have as few books as possible on their shelves as it saves them on storage space (and packing time). So you did them a favour, and yourself too.

    Now, do promise you will actually have read them by April!

  7. Yay! Another books + tea photo. πŸ˜€ I actually took a photo like that for my LL this week in homage of you! Now let’s see if I remember to post it. lol

    (Also, I would have a heart attack if my library closed for six months. At least you can bring home books: I’d have brought up all 50 my card allows and used my mom’s 50 as well! SIX MONTHS?!)

  8. Nice library haul! Titles I’m especially interested in are Annabel, Matterhorn and The Memory of Love. It looks like you have a good reading season ahead of you πŸ™‚

  9. You did well – I loved Wolf Hall, Annabel is in my library pile, and pretty much everything else is in the TBR or on the wishlist. I can’t imagine six months without a library though – thank goodness you nabbed some big books!

  10. I work in Newham sometimes. Wow 6 months, I don’t blame you, I would have max out my 20 books limit! I didn’t like Black Mamba boys but I really like Annabel. The sense of something ending and The Memory of Love were books that I wanted to read. Enjoy for the next 6 months!

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