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Sunday Salon – Shopping!

Say what you will about globalisation, marketing and commercialism, when the Westfield Stratford City opened on my doorstep, I was rather excited. I know and love Westfield as a shopping centre brand from Sydney and I’ve never made it across London to the first UK Westfield.

I squealed loudly and excitedly when I was moseying about on the website on Friday night, seeing what was now within a 10 minute walk, and discovered that Foyles have a branch here now! Which means that I no longer have to go all the way to Oxford St for a decent bookshop.

I toodled over to Westfield on Saturday morning to find it completely rammed (we’re talking Christmas shopping-type crowds) but I still walked around most of the site, finding with great delight that pretty much every shop I ever go to, and quite a few new ones (I’d never heard of Forever 21, for example) are now on my doorstep. Foyles, thankfully for my credit card, hasn’t opened yet (H&M won’t open until the 30th!), but I’ll be making return trips!

Reading this week

Raced through The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory, and greatly enjoyed it. Review on Wednesday.

Also raced through Black Diamond by John F. Dobbyn – a cracking mystery set in the Boston Irish mafia scene. Fun story, the writing could have been a little better.

I’m not quite sure what to read next – I’ve been trying to get into Fool Moon by Jim Butcher forever but I think I need to put it back on the shelf and take it out when I have time to read the whole thing in one go.

I picked up the companion ARC to The Lady of the Rivers, The Women of the Cousins War, which is a non-fiction book, three short essays, one each on Jacquetta Rivers (the protagonist of The Lady of the Rivers), Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth Woodville – who have previously been written about in The Red Queen and The White Queen. I promptly decided I wanted to read the novels before I got to the non-fiction, and as TNLRC had copies of each of those, I have snaffled her copies from the windowsill and dived straight into The Red Queen. I’m 50 pages in and loving it.

Other fun this week

I caught the Physicist’s cold and snuffled my way through work anyway. TNLRC breezed home from Italy, cheered me up for two days, and disappeared off home to Australia for 3 weeks with family and friends and a dose of southern sun. I cycled on Monday and Tuesday, racking up 34 miles in 2 days – the bike is a little ill, so hopefully my friend 3G will be sorting that out on Tuesday night.

I’m seeing my father’s cousin on Monday night, 3G on Tuesday, going to a fancy cricket dinner on Wednesday with The Book Accumulator and The German, and have my last French class on Thursday. It’s going to be a busy week!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Shopping!”

  1. Oooh I love Westfield too! I actually just moved to a new flat which just happens to be a 5 minute walk to Westfield. Not great news for my savings, but really glad not to have to go to Oxford street for all my shopping.

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